14 Experts Predictions for Freelance Writing Jobs in 2021

The future seems to be holding a lot of promise for remote writing and freelance workers, thanks to Covid-19. Our forecast has some of the best advice which will help you grow and adapt professionally this year. Explore the predictions from fourteen experts of the field we have lined up for you.

1. Craig Cannings: The demand for digital content will continue to grow

According to Cannings, Chief Learning Officer of FreelanceU.com, opportunities for freelance writing will increase in 2021. Especially in the field on content marketing. Digital content was hugely consumed in 2020 due to social isolation and will continue to do so this year. It opened up new demand for blog and article writers, newsletter creators, podcast script writers and more.

2. C.Hope Clark: The pandemic opened opportunities for remote writers

Clark is an author plus editor at Funds for Writers. She says with the right ambition and frequent querying work can come steadily to writers. The world has experienced that offices are not essential for jobs. The industry is now welcoming professionals with the skill to show for it. 

3. Colleen Diamond: You can now be a business minded freelancer

Diamond is herself an editor and freelance writer. She claims that market is finally entering an era where substance is valued over style. Writers who are producing well-researched work are being respected more. This is hopefully going to be an era of intellectual growth, responsibility, and discipline.

4. Ed Gandia: More freelancers will be hired 

Gandia is the founder of High Income Business Writing. He predicts that businesses are not returning back to previous scenarios anytime soon. Companies are not likely to hire full-time employees for quite some time. Freelance writers are going to benefit most from this situation if they position themselves correctly.

5. Alexis Grant: Online presence is key to land freelance jobs

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Grant works as an author at The Money Guide for Freelancers. According to her competition will get tough in 2021 in the freelance industry. Have a polished portfolio, website, or LinkedIn profile that highlights your achievements and expertise. Writers who can deliver quality content on time are immensely valued in the market.

6. Amber Gibson: Food and recipe content is high on demand

Gibson is a specialist of food and travel writing. Speaking from experience, she relates that story angles have entirely shifted in post pandemic phase. The demand for stories about home cooking and recipe-based writings are being preferred more now. Content about restaurants and eating out just does not attract people the same way anymore. 

7. Andrea Hubbert: Freelancer will be hired to fill staff gaps

Hubbert, the founder of Hub + Company, observes that attitudes in hiring have changed visibly since 2020. Organization which previously shunned freelance writers began to realize their benefits. Their on-demand skills became more desirable when gaps appeared in the workforce which had to be filled fast. 

8. Cindi Kerr: Rates for research-driven freelance projects will go up 

Kerr is also a freelance writer. She predicts that pieces that need research and are well-written will likely rise in rates. Even after the reopening of retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, and other services good writers will be demanded. Reviews, blogs and informative pieces with legitimate evidence will be appreciated and welcomed by the audience. 

9. Williesha Morris: The need for software, video, and audio content will increase

Morris as a freelance writer advises checking startups in the area of project management software. The demand for video and audio is only skyrocketing every year. Freelancers can consider research work, interviewing, and script writing in this as well. 

10. Fermin Otanez: Content about travel and tourism will be more popular

Otanez is a freelance copy marketing and content writer. He believes that people are eager to travel and tour after the lockdowns. This bears good news for remote and freelance writers. Travel companies will be desperate to effectively market themselves and this can greatly profit writers. 

11. Mahevash Shaikh: Content about holistic health will become mainstream

 Shaikh is a mental health writer, and she predicts that pieces about health will lean more on the holistic side. Mental health topics will be addressed more often after the experiences of 2020. People are now more aware and understanding about mental health issues and seek to resolve them.

12. Angeline Singer: Freelance industry will reach the sky 

As an editor and copywriter, Singer perceives that people are still going to opt for remote work in 2021. Which will just raise the demand of freelance even more. It allows flexible schedules for family or educational endeavors. 

13. Steve Slaunwhite: Freelancers with a niche will be more in-demand 

Copywriting trainer Slaunwhite claims that writers who are niche focused will earn more. Their expertise in the field will be highly demanded. Look for fields where is low competition and polish your writing skills in that area.

14. Carol Tice: Master your mind

And last on our list is the founder of Freelance Writers Den, Carol Tice. Her prediction also serves as an advice. Only those writers will be successful in this race who have not let themselves be demoralized. The events of 2020 have been disturbing to no end, but 2021 must be looked at with hope and confidence.

These were the wise words from 14 professionals of the freelance industry. For more content like this reach out to UK assignment writers

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