5 Design Ideas for Your Patio

A patio is the outdoor area of your home that could be at the front or even the back of the house. Most houses do have some sort of patio in different sizes. They are essential as it provides an extension to the indoor layout. This space can be created and designed a number of different ways according to the size, budget and vibe you wish to create.

You may watch so many videos of people redoing their patios and creating them into a cosy, comfortable spaces ideal for a night under the stars, cookouts or even at home gyms. So, what do you need before designing your patio? Here are a few designs you could use for your patio.

For the entertainer

Outdoor cookouts and dinners are ideal on a summer evening. If you have sufficient space on your patio you could convert into a dining space. Your furniture will need a weather shield so it does not get damaged for the extreme weather. You should ideally invest in light furniture that can be moved or folded up easily.

Install a sink or a place where a tap could be fixed so guests do not have to move around too much before and after eating. You could have a BBQ machine close by. However, most of all design it in a way that is easy to clean. You could use outdoor tiles made of durable material that is easy to clean yet looks classy and chic.


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If you live in an apartment or a home with a very small balcony or patio space you can still make this your go- to place. Furniture stores have plenty of small outdoor furniture perfect for a small space. This could be DIY couches, easy chairs or even throw pillows on a mattress.

Add fairy lights and a place to keep a speaker. Use this space to unwind with some music. However, an overhead transparent roof might be needed in case of bad weather. A retractable roof would be ideal so you can enjoy those summer nights.

Outdoor gym

This is a new trend that has become very popular in the recent past. For those who are still uneasy about going to a gym since Covid or just want to do a short workout to stay in shape an at home gym is perfect. Invest in the machines you need that do not take too much space and can be easily placed. This would give you the additional motivation even on your lazy days.

Simple lounge area

If you have no perfect idea on what you want to make your patio don’t stress. Simply re do the floors, paint the walls around and have some comfortable lounge chairs placed. This is an ideal place to chill with your friends or if you have pets and kids. The additional space can be used to have meals or just have some good family bonding times.

Keep these tips in mind when designing a patio.

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