Amaze your Customers with Custom Candle Boxes


If you deal in candle making or have indulged in the development of candles, you might be looking for a custom candle box service provider. Have our services for this purpose. We deal in designing the custom candle boxes in various styles and in the best quality. 

The candle itself is a beautiful product and if boxed in a nice packaging, attracts the customers. Candles are used in different ways, and people also give candles to each other as a token of love. So, attract your customers with amazing options of using their candles. 

If you have business at the broader level or at the small level, we can offer our best-quality services to you in both ways. Increase your sale potential by attracting the customers to purchase your candles packed in beautiful colors and appearances that we will do for you. 

Development of the Candle Boxes

We do not only provide the outward appearance of candle boxing but also have certain add-ons which will certainly enhance the beauty of your candles. We have a wide variety of candle box packaging including the usage of spot UV technology which makes the edges of the candle boxes shiny and more attractive. 

We also have a huge variety of fudge packaging and can offer you the addition of a PVC window outside the custom candle boxes, which will appeal more to your customers. 

Unique features of our services

We offer a wide array of services with unique features that include the following content:

Expert team

Our team of experts will do the best job for you by furnishing the custom candle boxes in the best way. The cut of edges and the appearance of the candle boxes will certainly raise the beauty of candle boxes. Trust us; this will oblige your customers to purchase your product.

Variety of candle boxes

We offer candle boxes customized in different sizes. You can ask us for any size, width and length, etc. and we will do the best job for you. 

Charges and delivery

Currently, we are offering amazing prices for the package ranging from 1000 to 5000 units. We are just one call away from you, just pick your phone and order us, we also offer the free-delivery at your given address within the USA. 


In what size do you develop custom candle boxes?

We can make a variety of candle boxes in different sizes, in which size you want, that is up-to you. 

Do you offer delivery and what are your charges?

Yes, we do offer the delivery for free in the USA. If you place a bulk order from above 1000 units at least, per unit cost of each candle box will range between $0.10 and $0.50. 

Raise your business activities and look for the expansion of your candle business, because with us, you will definitely have an extensive sales growth. Your customers will love to buy candles from you if they will be wrapped in beautiful customized boxes. 


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