Are you keen on purchasing tyres for your car that are suitable for the summer?

Summer tyres provide an excellent stopping performance for use. This is particularly true when the climate is both rainy and warm. They are not appropriate for travelling in temperatures below +7 °C, including in winter weather. If the weather drops under 7 degrees Celsius, the substance that makes up the summer tyres will start to break down slowly. We have a huge assortment of Tyres Faringdon.

The compound consists of rubber
The combination used to make summer tyres has a lower percentage of rubber in it than the combination used to make winter tyres. Summer tyres typically have to be able to resist rather high conditions. The heating process should not cause the substance to become pliable. Because of this, the compound is purposefully tougher in comparison to the compound that is in use for the construction of winter tyres.

Summer tyres have a tread pattern that is different from winter tyres in both their physical makeup and their function. The groove of a summer tyre guarantees to drive away an especially significant amount of rainfall from the surface of the tyre. As a result, the tyre continues to have a high grip on the roadway, which helps prevent potentially deadly hydroplaning.

The perfect set of summer tyres for your automobile, SUV, or four-wheel drive vehicle will allow it to perform at its peak level even when driven in the blazing heat of the sunlight and on the very hot tarmac.

You may have your car ready for the hotter months by consulting with us all here.
We have a comprehensive selection of Summer tyres at our retail location. This includes low-priced but still high-quality tyres, tyres priced in the middle of the price bracket, and the most expensive tyre name makers. Just check the boxes next to their names on our advanced search filter. Simply enter the tyre width or the registration information of your car. You won’t have any trouble locating the corresponding summer tyres at all.

You may place a fast and simple online purchase with only a couple of clicks of the mouse. The staff will deliver your brand-new summer tyres to you without any more effort on your part. You are welcome to bring your vehicle to our contemporary and well-equipped factory, where a member of our team will gladly and expertly install any new tyres you purchase. You also have the option of tyres shipment to your house.

One of the greatest well tyre makers in the world is Michelin. The French firm is famous for manufacturing tyres of a very high standard. Its tyres are popular all over the globe. Michelin has tyres that are both dependable and practical. It employs only the highest-quality components both for street driving and for competing on the racecourse.

We stock a wide selection of Michelin tyres of the best possible standard, and they are accessible for several vehicles.

You will be able to discover any kind of tyres you need, if you are searching for run-flat tyres, performance tyres, summertime, snow, all-season tyres, four-wheel-drive tyres, or truck tyres, among other options. We kindly ask that you take a more in-depth glance at our webpage. To use our convenient rapid tyre checker, all you have to do is insert the registration number for your car. In a couple of moments, you will have the ability to see all of the tyres that are suitable for your specific car. Simply select the items that are your top choices, and during the purchase process, schedule a fitting session at a time suitable for you.

When you purchase with us, there is no charge necessary from you. You will participate in our session. After we have installed the tyres, we will ask you for payment. Simple! In addition to that, we also offer a plan with no interest at all. You are more than welcome to visit our facility in person to purchase your brand-new Michelin tyres at a discounted price. We are more than delighted to be of assistance to you in locating the ideal tyres for your vehicle. There is also the option of the same-day fitting. In our collection, you will also discover a lot of additional types. Kindly get in contact with us before making an order. We can answer any concerns you may have regarding Summer Tyres Faringdon and provide any guidance you may need.


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