Benefits and challenges of case study in social science

When it comes to choosing which tools to utilize to answer a research issue, scholars are very often spoilt, much like toddlers in a candy store. From desk-based existing literature to the in case studies, this encompasses a variety of assessment research methodologies. Given the timing and expense constraints of many initiatives, more in-depth solutions are typically discarded as to are time-intensive. Here are my opinions on the benefits and difficulty of using case histories in social science research, based on my personal experience. Online case study help is always there to help students with their tasks.

Case studies are in-depth examinations of a single person, group, time period, or event. They include a variety of primary and secondary research for determining the underlying principles of an event in a real-world setting.

Last year, for example, Change works were funded by the Joseph Look Foundation to conduct research to determine whether heating in UK public housing is meeting its affordability and environmental goals. We were able to use nine case studies as part of the research to support a larger literature study, a public housing supplier survey, and interview methods.


The major advantage of case studies would be that they allow for a comprehensive review. Unlike solitary research techniques that provide a snapshot, such as surveys, a case study allows a researcher to apply a variety of tools to a single topic. This allows you more time and space to develop a thorough understanding of the subject, laying a solid foundation on which to investigate the elements influencing the test case in more depth.

Bias reduction

In contrast to a single vision of an individual obtained from questionnaire responses or an interview, research papers capture a variety of viewpoints. This allows for a better grasp of the subject at hand while also reducing the possibility of prejudice by diluting the agenda of a single individual. Face-to-face interviews involving up to five employees of the company from key social housing colleagues and business organizations when third-party administration organizations were utilized were part of the approach for the solar thermal case studies. In addition to in-depth technical and economic analyses, the technique included a group discussion with residents on each of the real case systems.


Greater applicability

The conclusions of a case study are sometimes criticized for not being generalizable. A case study, on the other hand, can seek to explore prevalent topics in deeper detail when it’s part of a larger study. We used the larger background study to determine gaps of particular interest in the solar thermal research and then used example research to test the causes and implications further. The case participants in the study were also carefully chosen to guarantee a diverse variety of locations, technology, and preparing and carrying. Case study writing service can help students in this case.


Case studies might take a long time to complete. Organizing many interviews, waiting for data, and even coordinating focus groups can all take a long time. Especially if you’re depending on a case research participant that is frequently acting in a volunteer position and is preoccupied with their regular responsibilities. However, these problems can be avoided by providing incentives to participants, clearly stating what is expected of them from the start, and notifying participants of dates well in advance. Students can overcome the barrier of challenges of online case study writing help to them do better.

These are the challenges in a case study of social science. Students can also take the help of case study writing service to overcome these challenges. They will help you with academic tasks.

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