Benjamin Irish Confronts Corruption in Palm Beach

Cites divorce with Laurel Bennett, implicates Michael Flynn and high-ranking members in security breaches.

Benjamin Irish, the baseball bat carrying wrestling promoter turned statesman took a swing at the stands yesterday with a shocking speech that lays bare his version of events surrounding a slew of scandals featuring underlings of former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

Irish’s divorce with one time influential Florida politician Laurel Bennett has ignited a heated argument over who the next Republican Presidential Candidate will be. 

Irish has stated that Michael Flynn in his teases that he will run for President in 2024 has betrayed Donald Trump as Trump appears to have handpicked DeSantis for the job. 

The divorce proceedings involve Irish claiming that Bennett is using multiple aliases and married him to raid his health insurance fund.

The speech is notable in that Irish, a candidate for U.S. Ambassador to The Dominican Republic, states bond money has gone missing that had he been in charge during its payout would have enabled him to “give every single Dominican $6,000 U.S. Dollars or a solar powered house.”

Big3News has provided the video here.

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