Benjamin Irish says PRM Wall Project is a ruse, Dominican Government wants to fuse with Haiti

Irish files complaint with U.S. Inspector General, says Dominican President tried to influence U.S. elections.

Benjamin Irish, the eccentric Trump Administration statesman (and one time manager of Jack Veneno) who feuded with former Ambassadors Bernstein and Brewster and exposed Ramfis Trujillo as a felon and a fraud, is back in the spotlight and has accused the Dominican Government of conspiring to fuse the country with Haiti.

“Fusion comes in different ways so we have to be vigilant in holding officials accountable.” Said Irish. “Business deals between the two countries can constitute fusion, or a level of it. I have never been pro-fusion. I have always wanted that border closed as a matter of security and the economy.”

“The idea of fusing The Duarte Republic with Haiti is being used as a business deal to issue a bond and raise billions of dollars for a border wall they don’t intend to build. They are looking for money they can steal under any pretense, they will say they need a wall to keep them safe, then that they don’t need one because it will impede growth. This is nonsense.”

Irish says the current Dominican Government is using the ruse about the wall to distract from a very strong attempt to begin the fusion process. “Luis (Abinidar, the Dominican president) says in private that he both wants to build the wall and that he will not. Well, which one is it? And why is he sending pro-Haiti delegates to New York to prime his new Dominican Secretary of State? Why is he crying like a little girl that he was being threatened and asking the government here to arrest Americans? What about all the people who threaten him in his own country? What about all the Haitians murdering Dominicans? Why doesn’t he arrest them?”

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(Irish referred to the arrest of a mentally ill Dominican man in New York who threatened Abinidar before his trip to the city last month.)

Irish lays the claim that the recently elected Dominican president is a puppet master for pro-Haiti Dominican writer Silvio Torrez Saillant, citing the Caribbean government’s overt endorsements for a book festival in New York’s George Washington High School.

“This Silvio guy is a joke. He is a card-carrying communist and wants to fuse the countries. This book festival was an unauthorized diplomatic affair in which favors and fees were issued to state actors to approve the event, and those corrupt Education Department officials and others need to be properly investigated.”

Irish says the event location, George Washington High School in New York’s predominately Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights, is a breeding ground for communist indoctrination of it’s students by Cuban, Venezuelan and Dominican government administrators.

“I want to know why the Dominican government has such a monetary involvement in this New York City public high school. There are elected staff members there. This was a criminal interference in U.S. elections. I want to know who got paid off at that school.”

In a sus linguae Irish referred to Democratic nominee Eric Adams as the new mayor of New York, although the elections are not until November. “Mayor-elect Adams needs to look into this. The current Mayor couldn’t order a cup of coffee in New York these days, Joe Biden is comatose and Kamala Harris is unqualified all-around.”

Critics and scholars assert that the reason for fusion is rooted in the influence and control Communist nations in The Caribbean have over the Haitians and Dominicans. “The Cuban and Venezuelan cartels run those countries with their counterpart terrorists, groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.” Said Irish. “Adulating a pawn like Saillant, a writer, is very old and tired communist propaganda. That little red blew wind for 90 minutes about Dominicans being racists, being afraid of black people and even claiming they lynched a Haitian in Santiago as fact, when in reality the Haitians killed their own kind in that incident. Why does the Department of Education allow this garbage to be promulgated in our schools? Parents need to start asking that question.”

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Lourdes Batista-Jakab promoted the event for the Dominican Cultural Center. At one time the cultural center was located in Manhattan but closed by the city for performing renovations and additions without permits. New York City public schools, funded by taxpayer dollars, are forbidden to promote political functions.

“The really bad part” said Irish “is they are teaching biased and false history about The Dominican People, and putting the stamp of our two governments on it. I am not surprised all these politicians partook in this illegal event. They have no knowledge about history and all they do is lie and shill out. We really need to change things in America. These people are nuts.”

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