Bennett Lawyers not licensed for Federal Court

Laurel Bennett’s lawyers, the firm of John Christiansen, Jr., P.L. was advised by the Florida Federal Court that they would need to be admitted for practice in the Federal venue to represent the fallen political hopeful.

Bennett, who married the wrestling promoter turned Statesman Benjamin Irish is in the throws of a bodyslam divorce from the smackdown king, who has filed a removal to Federal Court displaying over 1000 pages of evidence exhibits showing Bennett using 22 or more different aliases and making false claims about having terminal cancer. 

Bennett is shown to have enlisted convicted felons, including her political advisor Tom Vaughn, to threaten Irish over terms of her divorce.

Irish has charged that Bennett violated his Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties by filing a patently false divorce suit and tampering with witnesses. 

“She refuses to even appear and identify herself. Why is that? If I accused you of lying about your name and who you really are, if its not true, why wouldn’t you take the first opportunity to appear in court and set the record straight? Why hide? We all know why. Its a crime, that’s why.” Said the tough talking Irish, a candidate for U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic during The Trump Administration. 

The Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida denied the initial removal notice. Irish has now taken the matter to appeals. “There is no way that Judge reviewed the entire notice, over 1,000 pages, in one night. That’s nonsense. The removal deserves the attention of an appeals panel and that is where it’s going.” Said Irish. 

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South Florida political insiders are panicking over the tell all suit, an expose of greed and corruption in politics and it’s links to organized crime. 

“All of these politicians are crooks.” Said Irish. “You can’t trust them, not even around your silverware.”

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