Berikut ini Cara Mudah Menentukan Situs Berita yang Terpercaya

This temporary news site has become an effective, fast and accurate information center because it is easily accessible only via smartphones and includes almost everything free of charge, you only need an internet data package and a smartphone that can open an internet browser. However, there are so many news websites that are available, of course, we can’t all access them at the same time, we have to choose which news website is the most relevant and reliable to just add insight and confirm the news that is circulating on social media.

Like the web berita lampung site, there are a lot of news that are currently very necessary for the public to know, such as news on politics, economics, sports, foreign news, technology and so on.

There are several steps to choosing the right news website for us to read and use as information references so that we are not wrong in getting the news:

Domain Name LTD

A domain name or url is an address that comes from the name of a website, most of the good domains describe a suitable news website name and most of them have an LTD (Top Level Domain) domain, such as,, and so on, becoming if the domain name of the news site ends in, it means it is not an LTD domain and we must be aware of the accuracy of the news.

Contact Information

Not all news websites add contact info, but usually a trusted web site makes it easy for readers to contact the company or the owner of the news website either from social media accounts submitted at the bottom of the web or a special contact page that contains a contact form that we can fill in. to contact the owner of the news site.

Comparing Some of the Same News

Choosing a news site is definitely not very difficult because it can be opened easily, we just type the title of the news on google then we will see the relevant news sites on the first page of a google search, we just have to open the next 3 or 4 news sites to compare which one is news the most accurate, first in the post and easy to read.

Site view

The appearance of a trusted news site certainly comes out better and professional, both in terms of design and layout that make it easier for users to connect to news.

Objective News

The news displayed is objective, that is, according to facts, data and concrete in the field, does not favor specific groups and is not based on prejudice. Usually news that is not objective will spark hatred towards a specific group and fall into racism.

News Source

A good news site always displays the source of the news at the bottom of the news or under the title, whether it’s the name of the news maker or the link to the news source that is published again on the news site. Sources of news can come from humans or from the surrounding environment, whether directly involved with subsequent news events or not.

Apart from the following characteristics of a good news website, the literacy skills of readers who visit the news website are no less important. Literacy ability is the ability of the reader to be aware of the information contained in an article. Misunderstanding the news is also very dangerous, there are many similarities in names, regions and situations that must be realized, so you must be careful in reading before making a decision.

That’s a brief information on tips on how to choose the right news site so you don’t get eaten by fake news or news in the form of propaganda, which will be able to harm yourself and the environment.

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