Best SEO practices to uplift your business

We know how much planning and hard work is involved in booming a business and creating an online presence. You must find the target audience, build a brand image, pay for ad space, get traffic to your website. But what if a tool could do all of that for you without any extra effort or expense? SEO does exactly that. It optimises your website for google search and makes it appear in the top-most results for a particular web search. 

Be it targeting the right audience, getting traffic to your website or establishing a brand value SEO is a tool which does all of that without incurring any additional expense. This tool makes quite a lot of your work simpler. And this is also a reason why SEO counts as a vital aspect of digital marketing that every business must-have.

An enterprise must have a know-how of search engine optimization. The reason is pretty straightforward. Google is one of the largest search engines all over the world that holds about 90 per cent of internet traffic. It helps people find solutions to their problems and gives them answers to everything. It is also a platform where an enterprise can meet its target audience. But the question is how to get found on a search engine like google that already has millions of results for a query? 

Several SEO companies in India provide various SEO techniques to increase the traffic and engagement of your webpage. However, you can follow these tips by yourself too and get brilliant results. Given below are some very effective and prominent ways to increase your search engine visibility.

Power of a catchy title and meta description

The title tag is an HTML element that introduces the audience to the title of your webpage. A title tag appears on google as a clickable headline for a particular search. The meta description is like a subheading, a short zest with (150-160 characters) of your webpage that users can read. An ideal title tag should give the user a quick view of what this search result includes and why it is relevant for them. A good title tag and headline decides whether a person will click on the link or not. To write a powerful title and meta description.

-Write a title with target keywords

-Make sure you do not stuff keywords

-Make it short and informative

-Write with the intent of the search

These practices can help you get a quality title tag with least effort.

Optimize images

Website speed is an important aspect when it comes to ranking in the top search results. No doubt we spend a lot of time choosing the perfect image for our webpage but do we optimize it the right way too? You can use these techniques to optimize your image in the right way.


The size of the image influences the loading speed of the webpage, which is why it is important to compress your image to a smaller size without hampering the quality. While .png works best for images with content, .jpg is best for photographs.

The lazy load- To increase the loading speed of your webpage, allow loading of images, gifs etc only when your users require it.

Optimize the page speed

You must have an understanding of what is slowing down your website/page from loading. Websites like SMERSH offer an analysis of your website and the available hindrances. You can get a detailed report and sort the issues. Make sure you remove unnecessary plug-ins, reduce the number of redirects and enable browser caching to improve the load rate.

Authoritative backlinks that back you up

Backlinks are inbound or incoming links that connect two sites. A webpage or site with more backlinks is sure to rank in the top search results on google because they are considered as votes of confidence, supporting the authenticity of your webpage. Having excellent quality backlinks is one of the key criteria on which Google search algorithm works, thus making them vital for your website.

Make your content worthwhile and attractive

Google pays a lot of attention to how much time users spend on a webpage, how they engage and behave on your page. Worthwhile content delivery can appeal to users. People prefer visually appealing content, does not have unnecessary pop-ups and is easy to navigate. 

The SEO practices mentioned above can give a boost to your business. However, along with these tactics make sure to adapt to the latest SEO-techniques and trends. You can also seek guidance from experienced SEO services companies. Such companies can provide excellent methods and SEO marketing strategies to make your business shine more.

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