3 Best SEO Tools That You Need To Boost Your SEO Campaign

To run a successful SEO campaign you need a good knowledge of the latest SEO techniques and SEO trends. With that, you should also have some powerful SEO tools that can provide you insight into data of your website and the behavior of the visitors of your site.

There are hundreds of professional SEO tools available in the online market which can be used for this purpose. Some tools are easy to use while some are complicated. Some tools are free while others have a subscription fee. These tools help in different ways and provide different stats as per their own algorithms.

Some tools are used to track the live traffic, keywords, and search terms while some tools provide information about rankable and profitable keywords. Some tools are used to check the backlink profile of your website and of your competitor website’s as well.

Here I will talk about the 3 best SEO tools that can boost your SEO campaign and put you one step ahead of your competitors. Here are those 3 SEO tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • AHREFs
  • Komito Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful SEO tool that is offered by Google itself. This tool is lifetime free for every user and it offers a lot of features. It provides you information about your website traffic, live users online, demographics, countries, device information, OS information, and even the browser’s information of the users who are visiting your site.

It also calculates the bounce rate of your site that helps you to understand how many users exit from the site without visiting a second page. It also provides information about social media traffic. Almost every professional website uses Google Analytics to get detailed reports about their website’s performance.

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AHREFS is another great and powerful SEO tool that provides almost every information that you can find from Google Analytics and with that, it provides a lot more features.

It provides full details of your website’s backlink profile. It helps in checking if your backlinks are coming from quality websites or rubbish sites. It provides you estimate of organic traffic detail as well. With that, you can find keywords by its Keyword tool.

For your own website, you can check the top pages report which is getting maximum traffic. It also provides you a detailed report about top organic keywords that are ranked higher and providing you good traffic. AHREF also provides you information about the backlinks towards your website from other sites. And all these reports can be obtained free for your own website.

You can do the same for your competitor’s site so that you can beat them but for that, you need to buy their subscription.

Komito Analytics

The last SEO tool on our list is Komito Analytics and the best thing about this web analytic software is that it is open-source software. So obviously it is FREE as well. You can integrate this tool with Google Analytics or Google tags as well.

You can also integrate Komito Analytics on your WordPress site by using their free-to-use plugin. It will provide additional information along with the information of Google Analytics.

So, I would recommend you to use all these 3 powerful SEO tools for the SEO campaign of your business website or even for your personal blogs.

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