Best Ways To Navigate To The Nearest Grocery Store

Few people love grocery shopping, but with the right strategy and plan of attack, it can actually be quite enjoyable. Hunger doesn’t dictate everything you do, and shopping for food in an efficient way can make going to the grocery store feel less like a chore and more like a treat. Instead of suffering in silence, we’re going to outline a few tips and tricks to help you reach the grocery store and get it over with. That’s why this article is going to show you five really simple ways to navigate to the closest grocery store.

Step 1: Use Google Maps Application

There’s nothing like getting lost on a trip to the grocery store. If you feel like you’ve found the right directions on Google Maps and started off the wrong way, you can use the “Directions” button to find your way back. Google map is one of the best ways to navigate to the closest grocery store , and it can also show you the public transportation routes to get to the store.

Step 2: Usage of MapQuest Application

While you’re downloading the MapQuest application, take the time to familiarize yourself with the best directions to the closest grocery store. You can read all the descriptions for the grocery stores you’re thinking about going to, as well as reviewing their store locator and site maps. The MapQuest application can also show you how to get from one store to another with ease.

Step 3: Download Google Shopper App

Google Shopper is a free app that can guide you navigate to the closest grocery stores. The application can also inform you of nearby coupons, and if you’re at a convenience store, it can also notify you if there is a better gas station in the vicinity. The Google Shopper app also shows you how many stores you’re passing and the distances between them.

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Step 4: Install is another great free app for the you to be downloaded on Google Play Store, and it lets you get to the grocery store without any need to search for directions or worry about finding the right stores. You can either use the maps on your phone or use the application to view the maps in the app or on your computer. The application also has a free version, with a monthly cost. The application is pretty easy to use.

Step 5: Consult Passers – by

By now, you’re aware of the general direction you need to head in the direction to the nearest grocery store. Nevertheless, every person has their own style of walking, and depending on the time of day, you may need to alter your walking style. Therefore, in this case, you should consult a passer-by, just to see where you should be heading to the nearest grocery store. If you don’t know anyone, then you should head to the nearest gas station and ask the owner to point you to the closest grocery stores.


To navigate to the nearest grocery store can be a very difficult, tedious process, especially if you’re in a rush and you don’t have a set plan of action. However, with the right strategy, and tips and tricks, you can be in and out in no time. So, now that you’re aware of the right routes to follow, and you know how to find a passer-by, you can finally make that mad navigate to the closest grocery store and get out of there in no time.

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