When your employees are in remote areas it can be difficult to keep an eye on all of them. Even when they are under one roof it can be a bit exhausting to observe and coach each one of them. Employee monitoring software helps you with this problem. It allows you to track your employee’s activity and guide them in the right direction.

The free Best Time Tracking Software for windows helps you to track employee activity, and productivity and observe their potential. This allows you to help them in areas needed and later they help you in growing your business. Almost every office uses employee monitoring software now because of its unlimited advantages. 


Monitor remote employees

The pandemic was a surprise bomb for all of us. But we eat because we earn, we earn because we work. People had to take measures to continue working. One of them we remote offices or working from home. In the beginning, it was like a holiday for everyone. But with time we had to focus on the work as well. Because of huge changes in lifestyle, some employees start slacking. To maintain their productivity employee monitoring software came in very handy.

Prevents Cyberslacking

Everyone like to surf every now and then, it kind of take our mind off time. Break time is necessary we do understand but if it interferes with your work that is a big problem. Cyberslack is surfing the internet using the workplace internet. It can lead to pending deadlines which is not good for the business. Employee monitoring software helps the manager to observe the employee’s work and productivity. 


Getting distracted often impacts our work. The employee must learn discipline which is very important in the work line. Employee monitoring software helps with that. When you know are being monitored, the conscious part of your brain won’t let you slack. This lead to you giving more time to your work which helps in your productivity. Employees focus on work more than wasting time.

Assess Output

 Employee monitoring software allows the manager to access the employee output. You can either distribute the work to each employee equally and wait for the outcome, but it is not neccessary that each of them offers up to the mark work. If you can only access the potential of your employee and then distribute the work, you will receive optimal work. You can help them slowly increase their potential by giving them one challenging task at a time.


The work of a manager is not just to manage the project but also to help their employee monitoring software to learn and grow. This not only helps the employee but the company as well. The manager can monitor the employee and give them valuable feedback. They can nudge the employee a little and inspire them to improve their skills. The employee monitoring software allows you to give your feedback to your employees. 

Project Timelines

Meeting deadlines can be hectic and nerve-breaking but it is equally important. This gives you a goal to achieve within a limited time. Employee monitoring software allows you to monitor the progress of your employee and the amount of time they are using to finish the project assigned. This helps you to coach them accordingly and make them see their potential. You can design a new timeline that will help you avoid any delays in the project because you will be assigning projects as per their potential. Overall it will help the manager to organize the employee while growing their business. 

Accurately Bill Clients

How will you like it if you go to a restaurant and the bill came inaccurate? Of course, you won’t be paying the extra amount but such services are disappointing. The same goes for the company and the client. Manually monitoring the amount of time you are giving your client and then charging them accordingly can go wrong sometimes. The inaccuracies in the bill can create a problem between you and your client. They can withdraw their contract which is a huge humiliation for your company.

A small mistake can put a strain on your company-client relations. To avoid this employee monitoring software, allow you to monitor and record the amount of time you are spending with your client on a project. This also gives you the proof record of the time and builds a sense of trust between the client and the company. The time tracking function of employee monitoring software allows you to bill your client fairly and builds trust and your reputation.

Handle Budgets Better

Judging the amount of time and resources a project will need can go wrong. You need to categorise your projects into a priority list. The projects that bring you the most revenue goes highest on the list. Then you can distribute the time accordingly to each project and provide the necessary resources. This not only saves you money but also keeps you organized.

The best employee monitoring software helps you time monitor the time spent on a certain project or client. It gives you an insight into what is going on with the employee and client and is the client satisfied with the service. It also helps build the record for the activities client asks them to perform. This also allows the manager to understand what their client needs and how they can help them. According to the intel, the manager can distribute the work, capital and resources.

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