Don’t Ignore These Things During Your Building Inspection For the New House

When you decide to buy a new house, the most important thing is to hire a professional home inspector who can inspect the building for you. It is important because if there are problems in the structure of the building, a proper building inspection can find those problems easily.

The building inspection team will let you know about these problems and then you can have an estimate of how much you need to spend on the building after you own it. It will also help you in negotiating the price with the current buyer so you can save that amount to spend on the renovation of the building.

So, it is always a good idea to find some best buildings inspection team near you and get benefitted from their experience and expertise. Though you can do it yourself as well, I will never suggest you do so.

Even then, if you wanted to DIY building inspection for the new house that you are going to buy, then don’t ignore these points:

Doors and Windows

There could be a lot of problems with the doors and the windows of an old house. If the house has wooden doors then you must be very careful about how old the doors are. When the wooden door has moisture in it, it won’t open or close properly.

If the door has a key lock, then make sure that you check the working of the door lock. The door might be sticky as well and can have loosened handles or loose joints. If they have digital door locks, then make sure that lock codes are working fine and the owner remembers his lock codes.

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Check Cracks in the Structure

A very obvious sign of an old house or a house that has passed its average age is the cracks in the walls or the ceiling. Again, I would say it would be difficult to inspect for someone who doesn’t have good experience and tools for this work. Only a home inspector knows how to inspect the building for cracks in the structure.

Don’t forget to check the cracks in the basement of the house. In the foundation of the building, these cracks can cost you a lot of budgets to repair, and they are dangerous for the building as well.

Check For Water Leaks

Another problem that you shouldn’t ignore is the water leaks. The maintenance of water tanks is the key point when it comes to water leaks because it directly has to face extreme weather conditions. In the winter, the water tanks can leak and if they do, the roof of the house might get damage.

Plumbing leaks are another source of water leaks. Check for the pipes which are exposed and look if they have leakage from anywhere. If you see water all the time in the washroom then there might be some water leak issue.

Check the bathtub, toilet, and shower for any signs of the water leak. If your basement has more moisture and humidity then these are also the signs of water leaks.

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