Can “standing desks” improve productivity?

There have been numerous discussions regarding whether standing while working can help people boost their productivity. Well, if we look into some researches in the past few years we can see whether this is true.

Why stand?

Numerous researches done in the past several years have shown great benefits of standing both for students and workers. As a matter of fact, experts say that you should be standing while working instead of sitting down as it appears to be a much better option for your overall health condition. There are various health threats of constantly sitting and experts say that by sitting while studying or working we are quite literally sitting ourselves to death. However, these potential health concerns caused by sitting aren’t the only reason why you should opt for standing instead.

A recent study done with school-aged kids showed some amazing benefits of standing while working and studying. Namely, standing seems to significantly improve one’s ability to focus and stay mentally present. It helps children stay attentive and it motivates them to get more engaged in classroom activities, tasks and discussions.

Another research, done in Texas, has experimented by giving students standing desks instead of regular ones for a year. The results were amazing. The researchers found out that standing instead of sitting at the desk can make the students up to 12% more engaged in whatever activity they are doing. These results show that over time these 12% add up and give you significantly higher results in productivity and that’s a great way to become more emerged and engaged in the work that you are doing. Plus, it’s good for your posture and overall health.

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Three Main Benefits of Standing Desks

Speaking of health benefits, productivity levels and good posture, standing desks have three essential and extremely significant benefits for you. Here is how standing desks can be life changing.

Less Clutter Equals Less Confusion

People have started accommodating to the concept of decluttered space and decluttered mind several years ago when tons of popular books, websites, even TV shows started pushing this narrative forward. It is a very interesting approach that resembles a minimalistic kind of a lifestyle a lot. The philosophy is that the less stuff you have lying around while you’re working or studying, more concentrated you will be. This method is also said to boost one’s motivation and productivity. Unnecessary stuff that is just lying around will create extra distractions for you and you will end up struggling to finish your tasks.

Your desk needs to be clear of anything that can potentially be distracting you from work such as paperwork, family photos, reminder notes, and so on. Those things can commonly be seen on regular, sitting desks. However, these things cannot fit on the standing desk. It is a very minimalistic approach and your standing desk only needs to have your computer or laptop on it and that’s it.

Improved Blood Flow Invigorates Your Brain

Standing up instead of sitting at the desk has many benefits for your physical health as well as for your productivity. Here is what happens in your body while you are standing up. Your body takes an upright position which encourages a healthier blood flow in your body. That’s what helps oxygenate your brain more fully and as a result of that you end up feeling more awake, more present, and definitely more alert.

Once your brain starts using its full potential, it’s much easier for you to figure out what your tasks are, how you should solve your problems, and how you should handle your daily responsibilities. This standing position will help you maintain your flexibility and creativity. It will help you stay active and productive through your working hours. In addition to that, the standing position will boost your cardiovascular functions and help improve your overall health condition. As for productivity, being awake and fully present and active will only further boost your productivity and help you finish your tasks on time.

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Bursts of Effort for Sit-Down Rewards

For those who wouldn’t like to be standing for the entirety of their shift, there is a great solution which is also another benefit for your productivity levels. You can simply use a standing desk riser or a desk converter. That way, you can be standing up at those peak hours when you have tons of work to do and need to boost your productivity, and then when you get tired or when you’re done with your task, you can lower the desk and sit down to relax a bit. This system of rewarding yourself is a great method for productivity boosting. You will be motivated to stand up and finish your tasks because you know that once you’re done with your job, you ca sit down and relax a bit. This method will help your physical health and boost your productivity at the same time.

What if my feet hurt?

So far a standing desk seems to be perfect solution and remedy for both your health issues and your productivity levels at work. However, we do need to think about other aspects of this kind of approach. After a while, your feet can start hurting. That’s completely natural. After all, you are keeping an entirety of your weight on your feet for a longer period of time. It can get quite uncomfortable after a while and you may wish to sit down or even take your shoes off. On top of that, there are certain tasks that simply aren’t meant to be done in standing position. For certain tasks we have to be seated down. So, how do we find a compromise? How do we get the best of both worlds?

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Well, one of the options would be to use standing desk risers. They are a great in-between options for those who want to take a rest every once in a while and sit down to relax their feet. The above-mentioned rewarding system can be a perfect balance and can help people get their stuff done very efficiently.

The other great solution would be to introduce some light exercises every once in a while. Even if you simply go for a walk to get some coffee or do some light stretching exercises, it can be good both for your posture and your feet.

Getting some soft standing desk mats that would help your feet while standing for a while is also a great choice. All in all, compromises can be made.

Which desk is the right desk?

Lastly, if you don’t know what kind of a desk to choose, don’t worry. We will introduce several different models to you. A minimalistic standing desk with a riser is a simple, yet effective choice. There are also certain standing desks with additional features, programmable settings, motorized options, and even fitness and data tracking. On the other hand, you can also opt for a treadmill or a walking desk that will enable you to get some light exercise done while you are working or studying. All of these options are available, but you can choose the one that suits your needs and your budget limits the most.


All thing considered, standing while working or studying can indeed be good for your health and a standing desk can be a perfect solution for those who want to boost their productivity levels. 


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