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Cavity Between Teeth: Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery experts say “When you have a cavity between two teeth then it is known as interproximal cavity”. Moreover, cavities, in general, have bacteria that stick to the tooth and cause the tooth to start decaying. But what causes cavities? Woodleigh Water Dental surgeons explain it further. 

What causes cavities? Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery Experts’ Views

Dental cavities are tiny holes on the surface of the teeth. Moreover, they are caused by bacteria that create acid out of sugar and cause decay of the tooth. The experts emphasized that the most common bacteria “Streptococcus mutans” cause cavities. Moreover, the bacteria form a plaque on the tooth surface which is like a sticky film. Furthermore, the acid from the plaque demineralizes the coating of the teeth and causes erosion. This erosion causes tiny holes on the surface of the tooth. Thus, forming cavities.

What should you do if you have cavities? Experts’ View 

If you notice cavities on your teeth then make sure the dentist, says the expert dentist of Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery. Moreover, the experts want you to know that there are treatments available after Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery. Secondly, Depending on how severe the cavity is, the experts at Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery The Best Dental Clinic in Berwick will recommend one of the procedures.

Cavity Between Teeth

  • Recalcification 

If you are lucky and the cavity isn’t that serious and isn’t too deep then the experts will perform recalcification with fluoride gel.

  • Filling 

If the cavity is deep into the enamel the recalcification won’t do any good. Therefore, the filling is the best option, in this case, say the experts. The dentist at Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery removes the decayed portion and fills the gap with proper material like gold, silver,  porcelain, etc.

  • Root canal

When the cavity is extremely severe, then the root canal treatment is recommended by the dentist at Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery. They carefully remove the inside of the tooth and then clean and disinfect the area. Also filling seals in the spaces. 

  • Crown 

If your tooth has a large filling then the experts recommend putting on a crown. A crown is a covering for the tooth which protects it. Moreover, they come in a variety of materials like composite resin, ceramics, or combinations. Furthermore, the experts add the crown only after root canal treatment.

  • Extraction 

Extraction is done by the experts if there is no other option left. Moreover, if the possibility of infection is more then the extraction or the tooth is done. Secondly, the gap is filled, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Woodleigh Water Dental Surgery gives away some basic tips to prevent cavities 

To prevent cavities the experts suggest flossing once every day. Secondly, they added how it helps keep the cracks between your teeth all clean and cavity-free. Additionally, they suggested reducing sugary drinks and cutting back on smoking or drinking alcohol. Furthermore, the simplest advice is to brush your teeth twice a day, added the dentist.

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