Choosing The Right Boat Storage Method

.Due to the geographical location of Australia here people love boating a lot. Immediate access to coastal and inland waterways is the main reason why boating has become a popular pastime amongst the locals as well as outsider Owning a boat is very common here just like having a car. 

Having your boat means one gets to save a lot on rentals and there is no restriction on the fun. But as a boat is not used year around, one big issue that most of the boat owners need to face is where to store a boat. People end up searching for ‘boat storage near me’ as nobody wants to park their boat on the roadside.   

Proper boat storage in Perth will keep the boat protected during the winter months and other harsh climatic conditions. Also, it will help in keeping the boat ready for the next time – whenever you get the time to be on the water again. Another point is if stored properly there is no chance of theft and the resale value of your boat will remain high. 

Irrespective of the reason why you are searching for ‘boat storage near me’, you need to be aware of the different storage methods in Perth that you can consider. 

Here are a few options for boat storage in Perth: 

Outdoor Storage

When it comes to ‘vehicle parking storage near me’ and that too about boat storage, the first thing that comes in the mind is why not go for outdoor storage? Outdoor storage is not a bad option if you are planning not to use the boat for a couple of days. But you simply cannot think of outdoor storage if planning to store your boat for months.  

Also, if you need to opt for outdoor storage, you will need proper shrink-wrapping that is both water-repellent and vented. This type of wrapping is a must as it allows moist air to escape. It helps to keep the body of the boat dry and safe. But before using this kind of wrap, make sure the boat body is properly cleaned. And also, there is no kind of dust or debris to prevent structural damage. 

Indoor Storage

Storing your precious boat indoors is always a great option if you are planning not to use the boat for months. When stored indoors, the boat remains protected from both the scorching heat of the sun and snowflakes of the winter months. Indoor storage even helps in keeping the boat protected from the prying eyes of thieves. 

Indoor storage is possible for only those people who have a big house and have enough space in the front or backyard for boat parking. Remember that for storing a boat there is a need for a good amount of space. Sometimes more space than you need for parking a car. Hence, the indoor storage option is not for people having a small house or little parking space. 

Storage Unit

When you search for ‘boat storage near me’, there are several commercial storage units where one can store their boats for as long as they want. You can easily find vehicle storage in Perth that offers services for boat storage too. 

In a commercial storage unit, one can avail the service of either indoor or outdoor storage, as per your needs. In this type of storage unit, you can keep your boat for a few weeks or months. 

Vehicle storage in Perth is a great option for those who live in rental apartments or need to go to other places for months. Also, here you do not have to worry about security and you will have peace of mind. However, to avail of boat trailer storage service, you need to pay some money, which is not much if you consider the benefits. 

Due to high competition, getting a free spot for boat trailer storage in commercial vehicle storage in Perth can be difficult at times. Hence, it is recommended to opt for prior booking before the off-season for boating starts. 

Dry-Stack Storage

There is no doubt in the fact that dry-stack storage option is the best one when looking for ‘boat storage near me’. At dry-stack storage, there is a host of advantages, including a huge space for storage. Also, it provides boat owners with complete peace of mind.

Dry-stack storage comes in two forms. At marinas, a boat is raised with the help of a high-capacity forklift and stashed on a boat rack. But before that, the boat is properly covered to offer full protection from the weather, water and other things. Otherwise, it can cause immense damage to the body. 

The main benefit here is that the boat is always ready for quick retrieval. In the other form of dry-stalk storage, service is available during the off-season only. And here focus is given more on storage as compared to quick access. 


Now that you know about the options for boat trailer storage in Perth, you can make your decision regarding which option suits you the best. Just search for ‘boat storage near me’ and you will come up with many suitable options. Choose wisely and keep your boat in good condition for many years to come. 

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