Contempt Motion Filed Against Laurel Bennett

“This is a BIG problem for Ron DeSantis.”

Laurel Bennett, who is up to her neck in an off-the-hook divorce with her husband, the baseball bat wielding wrestling promoter turned statesman Benjamin Irish, is the subject of a contempt of court motion filed Friday claiming she failed to follow Judge Renatha Francis’ order and provide proof of who she is.

Bennett’s attorney, when asked by Irish to provide proof his client had attended the Zoom video hearing, said only “My client is next to me.” Bennett never showed her face or spoke, and never provided the discovery ordered for the hearing. 

In the wild dissolution proceeding, Irish claims Bennett uses upwards of 22 different names to commit various insurance scams and that she married him to raid his health insurance fund, making false statements that she was dying from cancer. 

“Let’s use common sense. If Laurel Bennett was who she claims to be, if she didn’t commit fraud against healthcare providers and the banks, if she was a Florida resident and if she had terminal cancer, why wouldn’t she defend herself against this and show her face and provide proof?” Said Irish. 

“The cat’s out of the bag. If somebody falsely accused me of these things I would stand up in front of any judge, or for that matter the whole world, and say ‘no, I didn’t do this.’ She is hiding from affirming her identity and assets because she is caught. That’s all, end of story.”

“Benjamin Irish tells it like it really is. The people can count on me telling them the truth. I will always tell the truth.”

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The pull-no-punches divorce took a turn for the worse for Florida Republicans last week as The Associated Press began to report the evidence that Irish docketed prematurely, evidence that shows high ranking Trump Republicans had colluded with convicted felons in widespread fraud in Florida, utilizing the ill-gained profits to raise their political clout and to deceive Trump, and to threaten Irish and tamper with witnesses.

The filings and the media coverage show a closely knitted group of South Florida Trumpers who pressured the president into Tweeting that Osama Bin Laden was still alive in the weeks before the election that Trump lost. 

The plan, according to Irish, was for corrupt politicos to raise millions of dollars in investment capital for a phony hunt for the Al Qaeda leader, telling their sponsors that they would profit from the dead or alive bounty on Bin Laden worth $25 million dollars. “He is dead as a doornail.” Said Irish. “Trump looked ridiculous.”

Trump held an hour long discussion with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last week about the happenings and Bennett’s divorce. There is concern that DeSantis may have received and used ill-gotten funding for his campaigns, money raised though the criminal fraud Irish claims Bennett is participating in. If this is the case it could put an early end to DeSantis’ hopes at a Presidential bid. “It would destroy his reputation, both on economy and security. He would be finished.” Said a source close to the Governor.

Bennett’s failure to make proper court appearances could result in her arrest.

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