Diy flowers- making the charm of flowers last long with handmade artificial flowers

Thinking about surprising your dear ones with the beauty of flowers? No doubt an online flower delivery to Delhi can definitely work wonders in terms of sending delights to your dear ones. However, it would be more interesting to send some handmade flowers to your friends in order to uplift the gesture of your gift-giving. Let us know what are some methods of making the charm of flowers lost along with handmade artificial flowers;

Paper quilling flowers

You can make long-lasting flowers by using paper and rolling them into a beautiful pattern. You can either use colourful sheets; cut and roll them as per any tutorial that you would find easy or you can buy a quilling set for making the flowers and follow the instructions given on the instruction manual and roll the quilling into a quilling flower and stick it with the help of a glue. you can make use of a single colour strap of paper or you may use a multi-coloured strap of paper to make a beautiful flower. 

A flower with M-seal

You must have used a pack of m-seal to repair the leakages in your water tank or repair some broken object. However, another creative use of m-seal can be to knead and roll it into a beautiful flower. you can use a white m-seal instead of the regular black m-seal. You can mould it into a single flower and make various petals out of the mseal and then merge them all together and make beautiful flowers. you can leave it white or colour it as per your convenience. 

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Making flowers with stockings and flexible wire

Wondering what to do with your or old stockings that have gone bad or have torn apart. You can still reuse your stockings and create something creative and beautiful out of them; all you have to do is stretch the stockings and mould them around a flexible wire of golden or silver colour and make beautiful flowers using stocking and flexible wire. you must have done it in your school as well you will enjoy it a lot. 

Making flowers with paper and glue

No doubt there is always an option to buy flowers online and keep them in front of your eyes;  it is a wonderful way to display and express your love towards your dear ones, but the sad part of getting real flowers is that they die soon and do not last for long. So instead of feeling sad over the short life span of flowers, you can make artificial flowers using paper and glue. you may watch youtube tutorial videos for the same or ask any of your friends to help you do this fun activity. 

Making flowers with thread or yarn

You must have used thread in order to sew your clothes or make beautiful patterns of embroidery on them while the yarn is used for knitting sweaters and mufflers; you would be amazed to know that we can also make beautiful flowers using thread or yarn of various colours. you may either do it all alone or involve your family members or friends in the activity to derive more fun from it. 

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Transforming old clothes into lovely flowers

You can also transform your old clothes into lovely flowers or make an entire bouquet out of them by merging various clothes together into flowers of different kinds and you can also spray your favourite perfume onto them in order to make them feel real through the fragrance of the perfume. 

Making flowers from disposable plates and cutlery

Although it might come across as a little school project for kids that make use of the waste material in a house for creating something useful or creative. Yet, it would surely be fun to transform disposable plates and cutlery such as spoons or forks into beautiful flowers. You can cut them into various patterns and decorate them using beads, sequences or colour them and attach them to straw and make some beautiful flowers from the disposable plates that you would have thrown otherwise. 

Try these fun activities with your family members and share some moments of fun together. Besides this, you can also buy flower bouquet online for your ceremonies. 

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