Donald Trump Politician Accused of Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud

Laurel Bennett, a long time Palm Beach political candidate is facing serious claims that she has utilized access to her company, PHR Health Solutions, as part of a multi-million dollar insurance fraud. 

Bennett, 60, married Benjamin Irish, a 40 year old boxing promoter from The Bronx New York who has revealed in court papers multiple social security numbers and identifications Bennett has used as part of mortgage loans and insurance claims, including against his own health insurance. 

“She claimed she had cancer.” Said Irish, who tells the court Bennett told him she wanted to marry before she died but then, as if by magic, survived. “The court needs to know het real identity. She has many cases in the same and other courts.”

The couple will seek dissolution of marriage in The Palm Beach County Court in Florida next week. Bennett is a high placed Republican and guest of former President Trump on Air Force One.

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