While we have appliances to facilitate our housework, we are also exposed to many hazards. One of the major fire hazards is related to the dryer machine we use at home. When its vents are blocked by dirt or lint, it may lead to increase energy bills, inefficient dryer performance, and risks of house fires. Hence, timely dryer vent cleaning is highly essential to prevent all these problems. 

Every household in Georgia, USA owns an HVAC system and dryer appliance for daily use. While the heating and cooling system helps regulate household temperatures and keeps you cozy, the dryer also has an important role. These complicated appliances feature ducts that can be easily blocked. So, you must have access to a reliable service provider who can handle HVAC Cleaning in Marietta

Moreover, if you feel that your dryer is unnecessarily hot while processing your clothes or is not drying clothes in one cycle, you need to check your ductwork. If you know how to check the ducts, then you must opt to check it yourself. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to call a professional for duct examination and Dryer Vent Cleaning, Marietta


As you know the importance of dryer exhaust cleaning, you must also be aware of how to perform it. Below are a few basic steps that can guide you to safely and professionally clean your ducts. 

Step 1: Identify Your Ducts 

If you want to professionally clean your dryer ventilation system, you must first learn to locate your ductwork. You just need to know where the duct starting and finishing points. The majority of the dryer units have a minute 4 inches wide round exhaust located at its backside. This exhaust usually links to the internal ductwork through an aluminum rod or pipe. The heated air passes along these metal pipes to finally arise through an opening on the outside wall of the home. 

Sometimes, the dryer exhaust is connected to the inside of the laundry room. Its starting point might be somewhere in the basement or exterior wall. Such ducts need to be covered to stop escaping warm air and preventing the inlet of external bodies. 

Step 2: Safely Switch Off the Dryer 

After you have located the starting and finishing points of the ducts, you must switch off the power of the dryer. This is a very straightforward and simple task. First, remove the plug of the power cable connected to the wall exit. After this, you should remove any metallic duct tape or locks while keeping the dryer exhaust tube fixed to its exhausts. 

After this, softly pull off the exhaust pipe from the wall tube. If you have an electric dryer, you should be able to move the machine from the way without any hassle. This will provide you more space for work. 

If you have a dryer that is powered by natural gas, you need to be extra careful. While relocating the dryer unit, you must not disturb the gas line. Just like gas ranges, the fuel connection usually comprises of a flexible steel pipe. The pipe needs to be firmly connected but it’s always a sensible idea to play safe. Gas leakages are highly dangerous and risky. So, if you feel unsure, you must avoid taking the risk and call a professional to perform the task. 

Step 3: Clean Every Bit 

This is the time when you should have clear access to the dryer duct exhaust at its beginning point. You can easily access the exit point (positioned at the outside of the building) by removing the duct cover. 

To safely and efficiently perform this task, you should have an expert dryer cleaning kit. There is a huge variety of kits available in the market at a very affordable price range. The tools that you would require to perform the task effectively include lint brushes with flexible segments, a back-up brush head for safekeeping, and drill brushes. 

You just need to insert the brush-end into your ductwork (where you find most debris) and clear the blockage. While you rotate the rod counter-clockwise, take the brush as far as you can along the duct that you reach almost its end. This might not be an easy task (especially if your duct is twisted) and would require many attempts. 

Step 4: Organise Everything and Connect to The Power 

If the dryer vent is blocked, you must be prepared to see a lot of debris emerging out of the duct. It might be a lot of mess to clean afterward, but there is no option. Not even space needs to be cleaned but the vacuum you might use for cleaning would also require a service. To clear the area a simple brush and dustpan can be enough. You can discard the litter into a shopping bag and throw it later. 

After the mess is cleared, you should carefully move your dryer back to its original position and connect it to the power supply. 

After you clear the mess and organize everything, you must be careful of one thing. If your dryer unit has a soft foil-like vent that connects it to the wall exhaust, you must remove it immediately. Such tubes have a fire risk and can be replaced with safer aluminum prods. These prods are good quality, durable, allow efficient airflow, and long-lasting. 

Step 5: Perform a Quick Trail 

It is a known fact that thoroughly cleaning the dryer ducts is a tough and untidy task. Usually, people don’t have a habit of cleaning their machine after every use which leads to excessive build-up. Even duct cleaning bi-annually, annually, or after two years would require a similar effort. The more you delay the vent cleaning, the more you are at risk. 

To know that your dryer machine is efficiently performing, you must perform a quick trail immediately after cleaning. 

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