Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time for you to begin planning your costume this year! I ensured that the Halloween costumes are affordable (AKA ideal for university students just like we! ) Cute, adorable and easy to create yourself. Halloween is bound to be like a different person this year due to the virus. You should make sure you find the perfect mask to match your costume for a complete appearance!

Most popular Halloween Costumes!

  1. Mermaid

Isn’t this costume amazing Isn’t it? It’s a very simple and cute costume you can make for less than $10! All you require is a beautiful cut-off top and skirt and a few beachy accessories.

  1. Bunny

Bunny’s are a classic Halloween costumes! It’s so simple to dress up and always looks adorable!

  1. Cat

Choose your favorite black outfit and some adorable cat ears and you’re ready to go! The cat ear headbands on this page are stunning and shiny! !

  1. Alien

This outfit is totally extraordinary. It’s really cute and could be the perfect outfit that you can wear with your friend! I’m always searching for costumes that let me use fun makeup! Get some sparkling silver face glitter to finish this look.

  1. Hermoine

Harry Potter fans anyone!? If then, this is the look you want and it’s so simple to duplicate! !

  1. Angle & Devil

Always a huge fan of this costume for Halloween! It’s adorable and simple to put together. Don’t argue over who is the one.

  1. Patrick & Spongebob

The costume may be a more difficult to replicate, but with a little imagination you can pull it off and it’s a blast! It’s unique and adorable and that’s always a great thing!

  1. Cowgirls

This Halloween costumes is adorable! I love the costumes the ladies are wearing in the photo above. The outfits are full of awesome accessories for cowgirls, making this costume so enjoyable to make!

  1. Powerpuff Girls

I’m not sure much concerning the Powerpuff girls, but this is a great costume for a party group of three!

  1. Ski Girls

This is such a simple and fashionable outfit to put together! All you need is a favorite pair of leggings and a crop top, and a few cute winter-themed accessories!

  1. Mamas

This outfit is awesome and allows you to be creative in your makeup!

  1. Boxers

A boxing outfit is ideal for Halloween, because it’s simple to make! All you require is your most loved sports bra, leggings/spandexor leggings, the perfect boxing robe and gloves! !

  1. Victoria Secret Angels

This is a cute costume that is so fun to dress up with a roommate or friend! It’s also extremely creative!

  1. Bratz Dolls

This is a great and enjoyable costume to put together! This is a fantastic Halloween costumes for you and your partner to wear!

  1. Barbies

The barbie college halloween costume is such a stylish and simple costume for you to make! Get the cute pink skirt, white crop top and you’re set! You’ll only need a few accessories for your barbie.

  1. Alvin as well as The Chipmunks

This is a great costume for a group of friends that is comprised of three or more! It’s super comfortable too!

  1. Daphne as well as Velma of Scooby Doo

Daphne and Velma are the perfect pair and that’s why this is the ideal costume for Halloween. You as well as your best friend!


I hope you enjoyed this article on the 17 top college Halloween costumes ideas for girls best friends, girls, and couples you must duplicate! !


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