Essential Information About Car Service And MOT Test

Your car is a machine and every large or small machine needs proper maintenance. You have to visit the garage regularly to keep your car safe and efficient on the roads.

Your carmaker would not leave you alone after selling the vehicle. They provide a user guide with the vehicle. This document will tell you about proper Car Service Southampton at regular intervals. Proper car service according to the specifications is an essential task that you perform regularly.

The second important thing to your car safe is the MOT test. This is a mandatory test for car drivers. Car drivers need to check their car with the help of an MOT tester to prove that their vehicle is roadworthy.

During the MOT test, the tester will check vital parts of the vehicle. If your vehicle does not have any mechanical issues, the tester will allow you to drive your car on the roads.

These two aspects of safe driving are enough to confuse drivers. Many drivers think they need either an MOT or a car service to keep their vehicle healthy.

In this blog, we will provide essential information about the car service and MOT test to clear your doubts.

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What is a Car Service?

A car service is a routine test to maintain your car effectively. During the service, the mechanic will check all the essential parts of your car from the car engine to the car tyres.

The mechanic will repair or replace the parts according to the condition of your vehicle.

What Does a Car Service Include?

What the serviceman includes in the car service will depend on the type of car service.

A full car service may include a check of all fluids, engine oil check, Oil filter replacement, brake check, and other vital components.

A deep checkup of your vehicle will include a wide range of car components that are important for safety and performance.

A car service includes not only checking but repairing and replacing the essential components.

How Often do You Need a Car Service?

Most carmakers recommend that you should visit the car service station once a year, or every 12000 miles. However, the time interval will depend on your car model, driving style, and quality of maintenance.

Can You Service Your Car?

You can do it only on the condition that you are a professional mechanic. If your knowledge about your vehicle is limited, it is better you let a professional mechanic do their job.

You need a specific level of training and confidence if you want to service your vehicle on your own. Generally, car drivers prefer to hire a mechanic for this job.

Benefits of Car Service

If you visit the service center for regular car service, you will get the following benefits:

Better Performance:

If you maintain your car well, it will perform on the roads effectively. You will get better handling and stability on roads. Moreover, a well-maintained car will ensure better mileage as well.

No Serious Faults:

Your mechanic will detect minor problems at the correct time. Therefore, no serious failures will take place in your car for a long time.

You Drive With More Confidence And Peace:

Since you visit the service station regularly, you will drive with real peace of mind. A car with ill conditions generally stops working in the middle of the road but your car will smoothly on long highways with a superior level of performance.

What is an MOT Test?

MOT test is a legal test for car drivers. According to the structure and guidelines of this test, every car driver needs this test every year to get the MOT certificate. This certificate is not valid for a lifetime.

How is the MOT Test Different From the Car Service?

Car service is not a legal requirement. This is a set of guidelines that your carmakers provide to ensure the proper health of your vehicle. On the other hand, the MOT test is a legal requirement; you have to submit your vehicle to the MOT center to get the certificate since you would not be able to drive your car if you do not have the certificate.

During the car service, the mechanic will check and repair the faults in the vehicle. On the other hand, the MOT tester will only check the fitness of your vehicle. He will not change the mechanical condition of your vehicle by repairing or replacing the components.

Conclusively, MOT Southampton and car service are two different aspects of car maintenance. Therefore, you cannot skip one for other.

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