Facial Recognition – A Compelling Security Solution

As the world has gone digital, conducting business operations is becoming a challenge. Providing clients with enhanced security while not compromising their experience is what every company is striving for. There are many verification services available in the market but the concerning point is that fraudsters are coming up with sophisticated methods to dodge them all. This is exactly where facial recognition comes to the rescue. Besides providing superior security services, it also ensures a great user experience. 

Face verification is a biometric screening that uses facial features to identify whether an individual is legitimate or not. Other kinds of biometric verification include voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, etc. Facial recognition is being widely used in different sectors and is a great bet in this world of digitization by https://marketbusinesswatch.com/

How Does Face Verification Work?

The face match online technology first detects the face of an individual who is going to be verified. Once the software captures the face, it starts analyzing the geometry of the face. For instance, it analyzes the shape of an individual’s cheekbones, the depth of their eye sockets, the contour of lips, the distance between their eyes, etc. to distinguish an individual from another. Then the captured image is converted into digital information, particularly a numerical code which is known as a faceprint. The faceprint is then crossmatched with the face present in the database. In case the face matches with the one that existed in the database, the individual is declared legitimate and given access to the company resources otherwise declined. 

Uses of Face Verification

Facial recognition is widely used for many purposes which are as under: 

  1. Unlocking Phones

One of the greatest applications of facial recognition is its use in unlocking smartphones. Just scanning the face and the phone gets unlocked. This very feature attracts users who are no longer required to try fingerprints again and again. Besides providing a great user experience, it keeps the sensitive data of the individual safe. For example, if the phone is stolen, the thief could not access anything in the phone as it would only unlock when the owner scans their face. Moreover, users do not have to memorize long and complex passwords, they just face scan and unlock the phone in no time. 

  1. Finding Missing Persons

Besides many promises that facial recognition technology comes with, it is also used to search for missing individuals. For example, missing persons are added to the database. Law enforcement is notified as soon as they are detected with face verification. 

  1. Reducing Retail crime

Crime is common even in the retail sector. This is where the face identifier finds another application. It detects organized retail criminals, shoplifters, and those persons who have a record of fraudulent activity as soon as they enter the retail sector. When any client who represents a threat enters the retail store, all the security professionals are notified to protect the firm from such criminals and bad actors. 

  1. Improving Retail Experience

Customers are the asset of any firm. Businesses are looking for security checks which besides providing greater security also offer clients a great experience. This is where facial verification is indeed a great bet. It recognizes individuals and records their purchases so that they are provided with suggestions according to their taste on their next visit. This not only saves precious time for clients but also provides them with hot offers according to their preferences. Greater client experience builds credit for the store in the market and takes the company to greater heights. OCR  Services is also used for this purpose.

  1. Tracking Attendance

Facial recognition is not only restricted to providing security services but it removes the burden of HR at workplaces. The system records when an employee has entered the premises, keeping a good track of their attendance. Besides being widely sued in workplaces, the face verification solution is also being used in some schools. Tablets scan the face of a student and then cross-match it in the database to check that the valid individual is taking classes. Some institutions in China utilize face verification technology to check that the students are not missing their classes. 

  1. Replacing Car Keys

As per consumer reports, car companies are testing the face verification solution to fireplace car keys. The great technology will replace the keys to start the car and also will remember the preferences of the driver for mirror position, seat, and radio station presets. It is indeed a great application of facial recognition in the world of digitization. 

Final Thoughts

As technology is advancing, so do the fraudsters’ tactics to exploit businesses. They are just leaving no stone unturned to bypass verification processes and conduct heinous crimes. Every firm wants a solution that saves its sensitive data from fraudsters while not compromising the customer experience. Thus, facial recognition technology proves to be a great choice in this regard. 

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