Fashion and Clothing Styles that will be Trendy in 2021

Fashion keeps changing with the geographical area, cultural differences and with the passage of time it even changes in the same culture as well. New clothing styles and fashion trends are seen everywhere in the world with either little modifications or an entirely different way of fashion.

Here in this article, we will discuss a few clothing and fashion styles that will be trendy in 2021 and you will see many of those trends around you.

High Waist Pants for Men

According to a renowned stylist, Patrick Kenger high-waist pants will be trendy in men’s fashion for the year 2021 and even in 2022.

Though this is a woman’s style to wear high waist pants, now men are adopting this fashion trend as well, as they can look taller if they wear a high waist pant.

Statement Sleeves for Women

Lana Blanc is a fashion artist and stylist and according to her, the year 2021 will be for the fashion of statement sleeves.

While talking to the Insider, she said that the fashion trend of 1980s will be back in 2021 and we will see oversized ruffles and big shoulders in style for the woman.

Cottagecore Fashion

The fashion trend that represents the agricultural life of the west and its romantic representation, the cottagecore fashion trend will be seen this year as well.

Most of the ladies will adopt this countrycore fashion trend this year and it is quite evident because there is a lot of cottagecore fashion and outfits which you can see on social media. People are sharing these outfits on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Earthy Colors

If we talk about the colors in the dress code, then earthy tones will be seen everywhere for the next decade. Kenger told that these warm and earthy colors are getting popularity in the fashion industry at a high pace.

According to Kenger rust reds, deep browns, and mustard yellows will be the colors that will be widely used in 2021 and coming years.

Bra Tops in Spring and Summer

Blanc believes that for some ladies bra top or a crop top will be in fashion. It will not be attractive for everyone, but if you are creative, you can make it a beautiful fashion trend for yourself.

According to her, pairing a bra top and a sheer top will make the day for any lady if she is willing to adopt this fashion in 2021.

Pink Will Be the Color of 2021

Usually, pink is a color that is more relevant to the kids, but in the year 2021, this will be the color for girls and ladies as well. You will see pink blouses, pink shirts, pink pants, and pink accessories in 2021.

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