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It is commonly believed that sharing a meal can bring people closer together. In the instance of our business owners, Mr. Arvind Kathet and Mr. Harvesh Raghubir Singh, the situation was the same. These two young men are so passionate about travel that they have visited over 35 countries and worked for some of the most reputable hotels in India and around the world. They have now come together to protect the culture and traditions of Punjab as a result of their shared affection for the region and its mouthwatering cuisine. If you’re looking for best butter chicken Abu Dhabi, you can get it from us.

And what could be a more effective method than doing so through the consumption of food?

Punjabi Chulha is committed to providing customers in Abu Dhabi with the most authentic and enjoyable experience possible when it comes to Indian cuisine. To achieve an authentic flavor, our chefs prepare classic Indian dishes using ingredients that are in season and freshly prepared. Our lassi is prepared in a Madhani according to the traditional method. The most common components that we use are desi ghee and butter. Chicken Tandoori, Butter Chicken, Sarson Da Saag, and Makke Di Roti are just a few of the well-known dishes from the Indian cuisine that we provide. In addition to that, we also bring some mouthwatering chaat dishes that are popular in the streets of Punjab to the live counter for you to enjoy. Our dinnerware, including the handcrafted Phulkari that serves as a tablecloth, the copper and brass silverware, and the glasses, all come from Punjab and are manufactured to order there.

best butter chicken Abu dhabi

Fine meals and a sumptuous experience can be had at the Punjabi Chulha thanks to all of these factors, which, when combined with the ideal environment provided by Punjabi folk music and stunning murals and paintings depicting aspects of Punjabi culture, make for a memorable visit.

When discussing Indian cuisine, you simply cannot avoid mentioning butter chicken at some point. It is one of the most popular Indian meals, if not the most popular, that is enjoyed all over the world by people of a variety of walks of life, nations, and cultures. Why is butter chicken considered to be so exceptional?

The history of this incredible cuisine, as well as the reasons for its widespread renown, will be revealed to you in the following paragraphs. If you haven’t previously sampled this wonderful delicacy, you should make haste to visit the most reputable Indian restaurant in the area to do so. A word to the wise: the Punjabi Chulha in town serves the most delicious butter chicken.

A Concise Overview Of The Butter Chicken Recipe

Kundan Lal Gujral was the chef who first came up with the idea for butter chicken. Thank you, gentleman! Because there was no such thing as a refrigerator in those days. He came up with the idea for the meal as he was trying to figure out. What to do with the leftovers from his restaurant, which was called “Moti Mahal.”

Our much-loved butter chicken was initially developed through some trial and error using some dried chicken, butter, and various spices. Nevertheless, many maintain that Kundan Lal Jaggi, and not Mr. Gujral, was the one who first developed the dish. Even though we may not know for certain who the original artist was. We are unanimous in our opinion that the work in question is of the highest possible quality. This traditional Indian meal is increasingly popular all over the world. And cooks in several different nations are putting their spin on it.

The True Jewel in the Crown: Butter

It should come as no surprise that butter is the secret ingredient. In the mouthwatering chicken dish known as butter chicken. The superb combination of cream sauce, butter, spiced-up tomatoes. And a variety of Indian spices dissolves immediately in your tongue after being prepared.

This is a recipe that you just have to try if you have a passion for chicken. Do you have no idea where to test it? You can make your way to Punjabi Chulha in Abu Dhabi. By firing up your search engine and entering “Butter Chicken near me.” Our restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Abu Dhabi that serves authentic Indian cuisine.

Worldwide Consumption of Butter Chicken

As soon as butter chicken began to make its mark on the map of the world, other countries were ready to serve the dish in their special fashion. In Canada, for example, the dish is typically served alongside Rotis and tacos. On the other hand, McDonald’s New Zealand. Considered adding a “butter chicken pie” version of the item to their selection of offerings at one point.

On the other hand, if you want to experience the dish in the manner that is most authentically Indian, you should eat it on butter naan. Believe what we say about this. We are conversant with the subject at hand. You can make a reservation at the Punjabi Chulha restaurant by searching for “best Indian restaurant Abu Dhabi” online.

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