How Can You Save Money On Car Service? A Complete Guide!

Do you own a car? We understand that having a vehicle of your own can be both thrilling and hectic. After all, no one would have given regular car servicing and maintenance a thought while buying a new vehicle. But it is undeniable that your vehicle needs regular car service in order to function properly for a longer period of time.

Bringing your car for regular servicing to the garage can be a hectic job, particularly for new drivers or individuals with much older cars. But this can’t be an excuse for skipping your servicing. While it is important, it can be costly at times too. It all depends on the package that you are taking and the amount of work in need. The garage’s reputation also decides a fee.

There are some servicing and maintenance that you can all by yourself, at your home. But for that, you must know everything about your car. Learning skills for that work is also crucial to save money on basic servicing that is easy to do at home.

So, below are some points that can help you keep your car in check in order to spend less on your next Car Service Shaftesbury visit. Taking steps beforehand can be fruitful and can elongate the lifespan of many important parts of your car.

Never leave your car for too long
Some UK drivers confuse themselves between MOT and car servicing. To be clear, MOT is a legal requirement and the test certificate must be new every year. It is a compulsory annual checkup. But, car servicing is more like a precautionary action to prevent the vehicle from going irreversibly bad.

But for those who understand, it is quite often in the notice that they take their car for servicing just before their annual MOT test. While not going for car servicing might not affect you legally, it can burn a hole in your pocket later. Small problems pile up and lead to bigger issues if you don’t go for regular servicing. Hence, if you leave your car for too long without regular servicing and maintenance, you could be in deep trouble later. It puts you in a state of high risk due to failure in some parts of the car.

If you run your car quite often or drive long distances in a day, you might need regular servicing. But, if you travel less and drive only a few times throughout the year, an annual checkup might suffice. Experts always advise taking a full servicing package once your car covers 12000 miles or once a year, whichever comes in the first place. Interim car servicing packages can also benefit you in a number of ways. These inspections and servicing would keep your car in check and prevent any sudden breakdown. Interim services are good to take after 6000 drivable miles or at least half a year. If you take your car on daily commuting activities around the city, this one is perfect for you. This can also provide you security about your car’s well-functioning if your car is giving high mileage.

Some problems are easy to eradicate if you catch them at an early phase. And, car servicing does that for you. Leaving them to pile up only increases your expenses for the future and puts you at risk of sudden vehicle problems in the middle of the road.

Important things to bring during your car servicing process
Going for a car service appointment? Excellent, but do you have these with you?

There are a few things to have with you if you are going for a regular car servicing. First of all, bring your vehicle log book to make it easier for the technician to stamp on it after the completion of the service. These stamps can help you attract potential new buyers or owners in the future and also boosts the resale value of your car. The next thing to have in your car is the locking wheel nut key. This helps the experts to remove the wheels and go for a thorough braking system inspection. This might not be important if your car needs only a visual braking system inspection. But, having it in your car can also help you in case you get a puncture somewhere on the road.

Learn some basic servicing and maintenance
As a car owner, you must learn some basic maintenance techniques to do at your home. This can save you a lot of money on maintenance work. This can also prevent some major repairs and costs of that.

Inspecting the oil levels, screenwash, and some tire inspection methods can help you a lot. Checking and changing your car air filters can also be of great use.

There are many other things that you can learn at home. In case of any doubt, contact our experts for a thorough explanation and also book the best Car Service Shaftesbury now.

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