How Immediate Loading Implant Can Perfect Your Smile

An immediate loading implant means that you won’t have to wait for months to replace a tooth missing. This allows you to restore your smile quickly and offers both aesthetic as well as functional benefits.

Local anesthesia is used to perform immediate loading implantology. This is a painless surgical procedure that’s not painful. Let’s find out what it takes, what the cost is, and under what conditions it can be done.

This is the place where functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. A missing tooth is undoubtedly a beauty problem. People who have not been there cannot imagine the shame of discovering a “hole” in their smile. The negative health effects of losing a tooth are even more significant.

This “absence” results in an incorrect closing of the dental arches and all that it means. The lack of teeth should be addressed. Two options are available: fixed implants or mobile prostheses (dentures). Because it eliminates many causes of discomfort, the second option is the most efficient and satisfying.

According to the Dental implants London Ontario specialists, not all implants are created equal. The most innovative approach to implant placement is immediate loading.


Definition, types, cost, and costs of immediate loading system

The name of immediately loading implants reveals that they have the essential feature which allows for rapid replacement of the tooth. Traditional techniques can take several months to finish an implant. It takes a long time to complete traditional implantology.

This waiting time is eliminated by implants with immediate loading. Also, The healing process is quick and the implant is placed immediately (with a maximum of 72 hours between the removal of the old tooth) after it has healed.


Pros and cons

An immediate load system guarantees two major benefits: speed and perfect aesthetic and functional performance. There are no drawbacks. However, there may be cases where it is not practical to use this technique. Also, In these cases, the professional must evaluate the case.


Different types

Immediacy is the main characteristic. However, many types of immediate load implants can be found within this category.

Two things make a difference: the number and number of required implants. You can either use multiple implants if more teeth are lost or choose to go for more advanced options, such as the all-on-4 technique. Also, Four implants can support 12 teeth in this instance. Similar speech is made with all six which includes six implants.


How much?

Because it is dependent on each situation (number and type of implant to be inserted, number of teeth to replace, etc.), the cost for an immediate load of dental implants cannot be predetermined. Only after careful examination can a specialist dentist provide a precise estimate. If you are in Canada you may want to know about the smile dentist in London Ontario.


These are the conditions required for the implantation to be successful

However, it is not always possible to load the device immediately. These conditions are necessary to proceed:

  • presence of an adequate amount of bone
  • stability in implants inserted
  • Good periodontal health (therefore Healthy Gums).
  • The total lack of bruxism.


How to make an immediate load implant

This is a surgical procedure under local anesthesia that allows the immediate load implant to be realized. The implants are placed into the bone to provide the foundation for subsequent incardination. Also, This painless procedure is performed.

This means that the entire study phase before the surgery must be completed. Also, To be able to perform the surgery more efficiently, it is necessary to identify the exact location at which the implant should be placed.

Advanced dental impression technology makes it possible to program precisely. All of this can be done using a non-invasive digital scanner.

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