How to Access Journals for Free on Google Scholar, These are Features You Can Try

Google provides search services for scientific journals from various disciplines through Google Scholar or Google Scholar. This service can be accessed free of charge by the users.

Google Scholar indexes peer-reviewed online academic journals and books , conference papers, theses and dissertations, preprints, abstracts, technical reports, and other scholarly literature. This platform is designed to assist users in searching literature from researchers around the world.

Google Scholar Features

Google Scholar has several features that can be used by users, ranging from personal libraries to journal update notifications that are sent automatically. Here are some features of Google Scholar:

1. My Profile

The My Profile feature is used to index or read publications from profiles created by users. To use this feature, users must first create an account. Here’s how to create a profile in the My Profile feature:

– Sign in to Google Scholar service. Then log in using a gmail account or a campus email account that is already affiliated with google.

– Click My Profile on the sidebar

– Then, complete the Profile such as full name, affiliation, email used for verification, and fields of interest. The user can enter the homepage , however this is optional.

– Then, continue to fill in for Articles. In this section, Google Scholar will detect articles indexed by username.

– Next, enter the last section, namely Settings. Select Apply updates automatically so that published documents can be indexed and entered in the profile automatically. Check the Make my profile public section so that the profile can be accessed publicly.

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– Then, log in to your email account to verify.

– Google Scholar account created successfully.

2. My Library

My Library is a private library feature. This feature serves to save the article you are looking for by pressing the star icon located below the search results.

3. Alert

The Alert feature is used to set notifications of the latest search results on the targeted keywords. This service will supply the latest articles on the keywords searched and sent via email to users.

How to Access Google Scholar

How to access Google Scholar is very easy. Before accessing it, make sure you are connected to the internet, yes! Here’s how to use Google Scholar to find scientific journals and other articles:

– Go to the Google Scholar page at

– Type the keyword you want to search for in the search field

– Google Scholar will display various articles based on keywords or search topics

Free Journal Provider Site

In addition to Google Scholar, several sites also provide free journal access. The following are free journal sites that can be accessed by students in particular and academics in general:


In addition to the sites above, universities usually subscribe to scientific journal publications . To find out which journals can be accessed using the university code, you can contact the respective campus libraries. Hope it is useful!

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