How To Buy Your Man Sleepwear They Will Like

If you are tired of sleeping with your man in their ratty boxer shorts and old college jerseys, take matters into your own hands and buy them sleepwear they would surely wear. Men, unlike women, are not giving it much thought when it comes to sleepwear, not knowing that wearing comfortable sleepwear actually improves significantly the quality of our sleep.

But if you are buying your man’s sleepwear, make sure that it is something they would wear by taking into consideration the following and not just insisting on what you think would look better on them.

Choose sleepwear that is designed for hot or cold sleeper

We are all different and if you find yourself shivering in the middle of the night but find your man without a blanket but still sleeping peacefully, he is a hot sleeper and should be your number one thought. So, you can find proper mens sleepwear. You might be a fan of long-sleeved and pyjama pants set because you easily get cold but if you buy your man a matching set, they would surely not wear it since they would feel hot.


Choose instead a tank top and boxer shorts sleepwear set. If it is the other way around and your man gets cold easily, then buy a sleepwear set that consists of pyjama pants. Your man would definitely appreciate that you know the sleepwear they prefer based on whether they are cold or hot sleepers.

Choose sleepwear made out of comfortable fabric

Granted that most sleepwear is made out of comfortable fabric, still buy according to your man’s liking. If you feel comfortable sleeping in silk and satin, this might not be the case for your man. If this is your first time buying for them, you could never go wrong with cotton and flannel. Once they become comfortable enough with the idea of you buying them sleepwear, then ease them to idea on how comfortable (not to mention feeling luxurious) sleeping in silk and satin is.

Choose sleepwear that is subdued

Women’s sleepwear is most colourful and flamboyant in design since women are attracted and drawn to cute PJs. Of course, it might be difficult for you to buy your man PJs with unicorns and mermaids and most sleepwear for men are naturally more subdued and neutral compared to that women’s selection.

Still, if you find some sleepwear with a gaudy design avoid it and buy instead sleepwear that comes in basic colours such as dark blue, grey or black. Unless of course, your man is a fan of fun and quirky designs and who would love to match with you, then by all means buy matching PJs.

Buying a gift for someone is a love language and this might be yours too that’s why you are very eager to buy your man sleepwear. Just follow the above-mentioned advice and you’d soon find your man sleeping comfortably in the sleepwear that you bought.

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