How To Clean a Bathroom Fast and Efficiently: 5 Easy Steps

Everyone wants a clean bathroom, but not everyone is willing to do the cleaning. Besides being a tedious task, cleaning and maintaining the bathroom can take a lot of your time during the weekend. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to cleaning your bathroom fast and efficiently. Read on to know how you can save time and effort in bathroom cleaning.

Dust and sweep

To get rid of dust and dirt on your bathroom surfaces, grab a duster or a microfiber cloth and work your way from the top down. That means dusting high surfaces first, like your hanging cabinets or light fixtures, before working on the countertops. Once done, sweep the floor to get rid of the collected dirt or debris.

Apply cleaner to the dirtiest areas and let sit

For areas that require deep cleaning, like the toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub,  apply the cleaner and let sit. While waiting, you can work on other areas of your bathroom that require cleaning or organizing.

Vacuum the floor

Vacuuming your bathroom floor is very important. Not only does it give your bathroom a cleaner and more organized look, but also prevents accidents caused by a dirty or slippery floor. If you are using a bath mat or carpet, do not forget to wash them regularly. 

Rinse surfaces clean

Go back to the areas where you let the cleaner sit and rinse them thoroughly. Wipe down the areas using a dry cloth or rag.

Take out the trash

After all the surface cleaning is done, pick up any trash that you gathered and take them outside for disposal. It is a good idea to place a trash bin inside the bathroom to keep the place from getting dirty easily. Make sure to empty the trash bin once full. 

Hire a plumbing contractor to help you maintain your bathroom

To ensure the good working order of your bathroom plumbing fixtures all year round, do not hesitate to partner with a licensed plumbing contractor in your local area. Call the pros today to get free, quality consultations and estimates!

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