How to Find and Repair Hidden Plumbing Leaks in Bathroom

For many people, it is hard to find the hidden plumbing leaks in the bathroom. Whereas, even if you find a hidden plumbing leak, it is difficult to repair that if you don’t have good knowledge. 

In this article, I will guide you how to find the hidden plumbing leaks from your bathroom and what are the easy ways to repair those leaks from your bathroom. 

Most of the plumbing leaks can be finding around the bath tub, shower, sink and toilet and these leaks can cause a major damage if you can’t find them early and fix them. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s see how you can find the hidden plumbing leaks in the bathroom and how you can fix them.

Splash Leaks

According to many plumbers, splash leaks are most common leaks in a bathroom. It is the water leak from the curtain, or from the shower door. 

Though many homeowners don’t consider it a major problem, but if you don’t fix it for a long time, it can cause major damage. When this water, leaking from the splash, deposits on the floor that is meeting with the tub or the shower it can cause major damage. 

The vinyl flooring and the tiles are the major areas that will be affected with this leak. If the subfloor is of plywood then you will have a major damage and a big level tearout is required to fix it.

You can caulk the frame or the door from the inside to stop this leak. It is very easy for anyone. If you are using a curtain, instead of a door, then you should close it completely while using the shower. Alternatively, you can install a splash guard as well.

Toilet Leaks

In most of the cases of the toilet leaks, the water tank of the toilet leaks from the inside. Detection of water leaks in this case, is a bit tricky.

You can use a food color to detect this kind of water leak. Take small amount of food color and mix it in the water of the tank. Keep the tab close and don’t drain the water from the tank.

Monitor the bowl carefully, if after a few minutes you see color in the toilet or the bowl, it means you water tank is leak and you need to fix it.

For this, a simple fix is to open the top of the tank and just wash the inner equipment of the tank with hot water. Make sure that there is no rusting or any thinking deposits on the equipment. When a lot of dust or greases deposits on the equipment it stops it from sitting on its correct place and allow the water to leak.

With this simple technique, you can stop the toilet leaks yourself without any problem. But if you feel it difficult, or if the leak is from the wax ring and flange, then you need to call an expert plumber to fix this leak.

Plumbing Leaks under the Tub and Tiles

Most of the plumbing leaks in the bath tub and tiles require some expert fixes. These plumbing leaks can deteriorate your tiles and can damage the wall behind the tub as well. 

It can make the tiles lose and water can deposit on the floor inside the tiles that can result a huge tearout of the floor to fix it. 

So, if you notice some water deposit, or the floor near the tub is always wet, or you see cracks and gaps near the bath tub, then make sure that you get help from an expert plumber to fix this as soon as possible.

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