How to Get an 1800 Toll Free Number for Your Business in India?

A toll free number is usually an 1800 series that can be dialed free of charge, anywhere across India.  It is the business that bears the cost of both incoming and outgoing facilities of the toll free service. The numbers usually have prefixes like 860, 855, 888, etc. To buy a toll free number in India, one needs to contact the toll free number service provider; either by visiting their website, or getting in touch through their help desk or the contact number provided. The toll free number cost is minimal making it economic yet an efficient investment. When a business buys a  toll free number in India, it gives a brand identity and ensures authentication for the customers. A business can choose from many toll free number providers, based on the needs of the business and the economic packages that the provider offers.

Toll free numbers can be broadly divided into three categories:

  1. Domestic Toll free number: A domestic company with offices in different geographical locations uses this toll free number. It enables the customers to call them quickly and without incurring any call charge.
  2. Universal International Freephone number: An Universal International Freephone number is an eleven-digit number that can be used by a business universally in all geographical locations where a business is established. Businesses with a global setup or businesses that want to mark a global presence should get a Universal International Freephone number. A business can use this same toll free number irrespective of the geographical area and enables customers to call them without any barrier.
  3. International Toll Free number: These toll free contact numbers are country-specific numbers. A business can easily use this number to connect with customers. It provides easy connectivity of business with the customers at a minimum expenditure and at no cost for the customers.

A toll free number provider may offer all the features in different categories or some might even offer all in a single package. With the growth of toll free numbers by businesses, there is also competition among the toll free number providers. Every toll free number provider tries to attract business with different plans and offers, thus the cost of the toll free number is different from one another. There are many affordable toll free number providers in India but getting an all-important feature with affordable toll free numbers cost is important. A toll free number helps a business in increasing lead conversion, building a brand image; generating business to newer markets, tracking campaigning, etc. As toll free numbers are available for 24×7 services, it helps to deliver business service while enhancing customer satisfaction. A business profits from buying toll-free numbers as it offers IVRs multilevel menu for call routing and recoding that reduces agents’ workload.

Knowlarity is one of the leading toll free number providers in India. It helps businesses in creating a brand image with maximum features, thus it is also popularly known for being one of the providers with the lowest Indian toll free number. It helps in increasing lead generations, to expand market reach to operate in new market spaces, enhancing interactivity for campaigns, etc. Knowlarity provides a free trial for Indian toll free numbers to choose better plans for themselves. It is trusted by more than 6000 organizations from more than 65 countries across the world. A business can directly contact Knowlarity by visiting their website or by calling on their business toll free number. The need of the business and the packages that are offered can be discussed with the experts. A business can also take free demo trails before choosing Knowlarity as their toll free number provider.

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