How to make sure your floral party décor stay fresh for a long time

Flowers make great party decors. Unfortunately, flowers being the delicate and highly perishable items they are, don’t last for a long time. And let’s accept it, flowers are pretty expensive. So, getting to enjoy their beauty for such a limited time and throwing them away after only a couple of days feel like wasting money.

Well, it’s true that you can’t do anything to prevent your summer flowers from getting perished, but with a few precautions and regulatory measures, you can surely elongate the vase life you’re your floral party decors. Want to know how? Keep reading.

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  • Choose sturdier flowers

First and foremost, if you want to enjoy your flowers for a long time, you must choose those flowers that have good vase life and are sturdier. Flowers like peony, jasmine, or dahlia are not the sturdiest. So, if you use them for décor, they will wilt within hours. Florists in Perry GA suggest flowers like sunflower, lily, orchid, carnation, rose, etc. for longevity without compromising the beauty.

  • Get them delivered at the right time

Another way to make sure you get the most out of your flowers is by ensuring that you get them delivered at the right time. Professional florists have the necessary tools and resources to preserve your flowers that you cannot do at home. So, getting them in advance will result in less time to actually enjoy their beauty. Most of the online floral shops in Warner Robins GA like The Flower Truck offer you an amazing delivery experience. With same-day delivery and scheduled delivery options, you receive the flowers right when they are needed.

  • Preserve in a cold place until ready to be used

Heat and flowers don’t do well. So, never store or display your flowers in a warm place, under direct sunlight, or near a heat source like ovens or stoves in the kitchen. Once you receive the flower delivery in Perry GA, don’t leave them dry. Instead, place them in cold water immediately. If you don’t have a vase ready, then just place them in the bathtub or a tumbler full of water.

  • Prune them perfectly

Before you place your flowers in containers or vases, it is also important that you prune the stems. It is advised that you cut them at a 45° angle. This will allow the flowers to absorb the most amount of water through the stems. Also, you should keep pruning the stems every alternate day. This will keep them free of bacterial infection and elongate their lives.

  • Perform basic maintenance regularly

Another way to keep flowers fresh for longer is by replacing the vase with water every alternate day. You should also add flower food every time.

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