How To Read Tyres Size Everything You Need To Know

Do the numbering and the alphabetical letters such as 206/51/16, and N+S, respectively. Make them feel perplexed while searching for new tyres? As it is not only nonsense that they are significant characteristics. That speaks anything from whether the tyre is the proper size for the car to what type of climate it’s made for.

What’s more, surprise! Everything is clearly stated in the rubbers. Learn how Tyres Reading are the most frequent marks by reading on. The tyres are usually said to communicate a language of coding and to comprehend the tyre. One must be able to interpret that hidden language if they are changing the automobile’s tyres. Then definitely know the area, diameters and sizes pertinent details.


To begin, everything of all the details this will be addressing. These pieces can be easily found on the walls of the tyre. The tyre size is usually determined by the three consecutive integers.

The first number in the sequence indicates the tyre’s width from the wall to wall mm.

The second value is mainly known as that of the ratios. Represents the height of the walls in proportion to their width. The S 60, for example, signifies that the walls are to be fully tall as this is too broad. A tyre with that of the short walls is too often. Much oriented of the performance, with trading –off a somewhat heavy riding.

Load index

The weighted index of the number 95 indicates the highest load of the tyre bearing capacity. As the tyres load index with a lower profile is always low. Suppose the maker instals an erroneous rating of the loading. The automobile may be badly involved in the accident, which will happen on the road as the index number is which must compare to the appropriate weight. The former indicates how much weight can each tyre hold. For example, a 97 indicates the highest weight is to be 830 kilogrammes.

The speed rating

The rating of the speed is the highest level of the facility that any type of tyre may provide. This can apply only to people’s vehicle tyres, not to low-quality tyres. Aside indications mentioned before, there are several others, such as pressure and inflation, permission, and authority. The arrows of the directions and production dates.

So as to find the alphabet that follows the weight indexing. After the conclusion of that of the linearly to get the speed index. As the V signifies a specified the highest speed of about 150 kilometres per hour in the case P254/54S21 202V. As the various alphabets denote different highest speeds, for that of the R top speed of 140 mph.

Wheel diameter

The diameter of the wheel is the next item to consider because. It determines what type of tyres will get fix on that of the rim. In the sequence, wondering about the numbering. That comes after the letter R. As the diameter tyre size P254/54S21 202V is 20. This implies the tyres must be compatible with 20inch wheels. The diameter of the wheel is usually indicated by the counting following the letter, which in this case is 16. This, sometimes known as the alloy or the rims, will definitely surround all the tyres of the car.


Hence probably see the phrase treadwear, which is to follow by that of the numbers anywhere in the tyres that these are to be how long treading which will last early as has to get replaced. Because the standard is 100, a tyre with a rating of 600 will last four times as long.

Tyre Classification

To begin, look in the walls of the tyre on the side for a series of alphabet and numbering. This applies to each of the tyres. P254/54S21 202V should be the linear you’re searching for. The letter that denotes the types of tyres you have is the first component of this sequence. The alphabet P in that example stands for passengers. Indicating that the tyres undergo examination in accordance. With the safety of the federal regulations for passenger cars.

Aspect ratio and design

The overall height of the tyre is the aspect ratio. It comes after the slashing, but before the alphabet, R is the line. The aspect ratio of P254/54S21 202V is 50. This indicates that the height of the Continental Tyres Reading is to be the same. As half of its width, and the larger the ratio, the larger the sidewall. As all the letters in the sidewall denote tyres having layers that are to be diagonal.

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