How to Setup Your Google Nest Audio

Google has recently unveiled its latest gadget and we’re wondering everything about it! It’s a smart speaker, the first one since the original Google Home, and has similar features as the last product. It can access your home through the built-in Google Assistant whenever you need it, whatever you need it for. 

Compared to Google’s other Nest speakers, like the Google Nest Mini, for instance, the Nest Audio is bigger and delivers a more capable and clear sound. It features the Google Assistant and will respond to you anytime you say “Hey Google”. The Nest Audio syncs with your smart home features and has a hardware switch to turn the device off and on. It offers a wireless audio experience and is adaptable with Bluetooth, Google Cast, and Chromecast. 

Setting up Google Nest Audio Device

Setting up the Google Nest Audio is quite simple and here is all you need to know. After unboxing the Google Nest Audio speaker, proceed with downloading the Google Home app onto your smartphone. The app will take you through the usual steps of choosing your preferences for app setting and you would have it downloaded in your phone sooner than you know. 

The app will also ask to know where you are placing the nest speaker in your home. It is recommended that you choose an accessible spot, such as a living room or bedroom. Since you will be communicating with the device, you would want it to be in a place that is not out of the way for you.

Once the app is downloaded and the device is plugged into a power outlet, here is what you need to do next.

  1. Open the app and create an account or sign in to your existing Google account.

  2. The device will ask if it can access your email, your notes/reminders, and your calendar. Sync it with your Google account so you can receive notifications through the Google Nest Audio speaker.

  3. Once the device is configured from the Google Home app, you are done!

Setting Up With Chromecast

There’s good news for those with a Chromecast or Chromecast Audio in their house. The Google Nest Audio can be set up with your existing Chromecast device and you can access Chromecast facilities via commanding your Google Nest Audio just by saying ‘Hey Google’

To set up the two together, here is what you would have to do.

  1. Open the Home in your Google Nest Audio

  2. Tap Menu in the upper left corner

  3. Choose More Settings > TV > Speakers

You will now be able to add the devices that you wish to connect with the Nest Audio. Once it is set up, you can now enjoy the convenience of watching TV, playing music or putting on a movie without doing anything more than commanding the Nest Audio. “Okay Google” is a dream come true and so far, Google Nest Audio review for Chromecast has been pretty great. 

Other Google Smart Speakers

Google Nest Mini

Similar to the Nest Audio, the Nest Mini features Google Assistant allowing you to play your music from your Spotify playlists and YouTube, and control other smart home devices that are compatible and synced to the Nest Mini, via voice command. Like all smart speakers, the Nest Mini can set your reminders, send texts and place calls on your behalf as well.

It features a smaller, compact design however and is probably the cheapest smart speaker by Google. But it fits right into your home, regardless of where you place it. The sound quality of the Nest Mini is richer than that of any Google Smart Speaker. 

Google Home Assistant

Another contender of Google’s smart speaker range is the Google Home Assistant. This particular one has built-in Bluetooth, and also connects through the Google Home app to your smartphone. The Google Assistant device is bigger in size as compared to the Nest Audio and Nest mini but features the same things as the other two do. That includes voice command over other smart home devices like smart thermostats, smart lights, smart TV, etc. 

It can place calls and read out your texts, set reminders and conduct basic Google searches like recipes and check weather forecasts. Its speaker delivers big and rich sound, enough to engulf the whole room and loud enough to hear clearly. The Google Assistant is also compatible with Chromecast – that means you can stream your TV series and movies on the TV by using your voice.

Which One Is Better Though 

In short, the new Google Nest Audio reviews as a great smart speaker with better sound quality and a few more tricks up its sleeve. Google has also evolved from the old and boring aesthetic to a softer design with impressive hardware and an even better software. The Nest Audio also supports multi-room and stereo playback too and we think it’s a device you must have.

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