Impounded car insurance quotes – Release my vehicle

If your car has been impounded for any reason you will be required to show, amongst other things that you have insurance for it before you can retrieve it. A standard short-term insurance policy that lasts between 1-28 days will generally not be accepted by the pound staff, however, there is a 30-day policy which almost surely will be. This is almost identical to a standard annual insurance policy but it is generally available for third-party coverage only. You can get insurance quotes for this as well as advice on how to retrieve your car by calling or through the website.

Do you need impounded car insurance quotes to release your car from the police pound? If your car has been taken to the pound by the police, you must act quickly if you want to release it, you will need to produce proof of insurance and other documents before you will be allowed to retrieve it.

Call us and our friendly team will provide you with every possible help to ensure that the insurance policy you purchase is one that will be acceptable to the authorities and they will follow up to ensure that you have not had any problems with it.

Purchase a short-term or annual policy

There are basically two types of insurance policies you can use. One is a short-term policy. Standard 1-28 days cover will not be accepted, but police pounds will accept that lasts for a minimum of 30 days. These are available with a third-party-only cover which is sufficient to comply with the law. This is your ideal option if you just want to release your car.

Alternatively, if you plan to keep the car, you can use an annual policy. The problem is that most insurance providers simply refuse to cover the driver of a vehicle in the police pound. You will have to pay the monthly payments or annual policy which will help with your budgeting.

Release your impounded car

They should, if possible, release the car yourself. You can if important try to get a friend to do it for you but it involves more annoyance. And it is highly likely that your friend would have a great deal of difficulty in confirming insurance cover.

You should go to the police pound taking with you the insurance. MOT certificate that you were issued when the vehicle was taken from you. Proof of ownership, and driving license will also be required.

If you do have not an MOT. You should get a confirmed appointment for a test with written proof of the appointment and take the car straight to the pound. As early as you have collected it. The car will generally have to be taxed and you may have to be able to prove that.

You should also take some cash or debit/credit card. With you as you have to pay storage fees plus daily storage charges. You should call the pound before you visit to check the cost. Release my vehicle can arrange impounded car insurance quotes in a few minutes. Just contact us and our team of professional insurers will guide you through the whole process.


Will your insurance policy always cover the stolen vehicle?

Not necessarily, it will largely depend on the level of cover you have. If your vehicle is found within 14 days of your reporting it missing and there is not a lot of damage, your insurance broker should be able to settle a claim immediately just as if you’d been involved in an accident.


If your vehicle is not recovered or found with much damage that can’t be repaired, you will generally be offered the market value of the vehicle at the time it was stolen so you can purchase a replacement vehicle. Most insurance providers will wait for 30 days before paying out on a stolen car claim.

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