How can I improve good bacteria in my guts?

How to rebuild your intestinal flora?

The gut, which is rightly considered the second brain, naturally treats billions of microorganisms, creating intestinal flora. It is this which helps to maintain us in great health.

It participates in the proper digestion of food, the proper functioning of intestinal transit, the synthesis of vitamins and minerals, stimulating the intestinal barrier, and boosts our immune system. Its balance is required because, while many bacteria living in our body are important, others are toxic.

An unstable intestinal florathreatens our immune system as a whole and can have complex health outcomes. You should know that 80% of the immune system is located in our intestines; the state of our internal microbiota mainly affects its functioning.

If its balance is agreed upon, germs, bacteria, fungi, and other unwanted parasites will increase and make us vulnerable to infections and other diseases. Fortunately, answers exist to strengthen and restore your intestinal flora! Pharma GDD explains everything about healthy intestinal flora’s value and the advice and solutions to take care of it!

Unbalanced intestinal flora: what are the causes?

An improper diet

It can be the cause of an unstable intestinal flora. However, the latter performs a vital role in the assimilation of nutrients and digestion. It diminishes and ferments specific food composites, such as fibers or amino acids, which will help the intestine cells promote their renewal.

For this reason, a diet that is also fatty or too sweet, extreme alcohol consumption, or even exclusion diets (high protein) can upset our intestinal microbiota.

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A bacterial invasion can disturb the balance of the intestinal microbiota. Indeed, after gastroenteritis, the intestinal flora is weakened, our body has left everything it could to defend itself, including the good bacteria that create it. Fildena and vidalista 60 are the best cures for impotence for men.

Therefore, the flora profile differences and no longer have the same capacity to protect itself against pathogens. The intestinal barrier can open up to thieves, and the tolerance system is in turn interrupted. With, as a consequence, a certain number of allergic and passionate reactions.


Medicines and, more significantly, antibiotics are the sworn enemies of our intestinal flora. Indeed, antibiotics kill all bacteria, including those that protect us. Our intestinal microbiota is destroyed!

The environment

A polluted environment or one rich in toxins can alter our internal flora. A climate of permanent stress can also play a significant role in this balance. Research and medicine have revealed that stress causes organic and functional diseases, especially in the digestive system.

Move every day

A sedentary lifestyle negatively affects digestion: the food bowl stagnates in the intestines, and nervous stress builds up. To avoid constipation and bloating, you have to move. Ideally, at least 45 minutes, three times a week, focusing on endurance sports such as swimming, Nordic walking, cycling, and rowing.

But all physical activity is helpful. Even walking 20 minutes a day is excellent. It is even better to do it in full knowledge: by paying attention to your situation, to the support of your feet, to your breath, without having your head turned over your cell phone.

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Take your time at the table

“Ideally, we should give at least 30 minutes to the meal,” says Florence Foucault, dietician nutritionist. By eating gradually and chewing food well, we optimize the movement of the enzymes necessary for their degradation; we facilitate their assimilation, thus helping the entire digestive chain’s work, including in the small intestine and colon.”

Think about omega-3s

These necessary fatty acids help probiotics’ adhesion to the intestinal mucosa’s surface, which improves their effectiveness. We find Omega 3 primarily in fatty fish sardines, herring, mackerel, salmon, and some vegetable oils flaxseed, walnuts, canola, hemp, camelina.

Take probiotics

To find a quality microbiota after antibiotic therapy, you can take a course of probiotics. There are many strains Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v or casei, Bifidobacteriumbreve, each with their indications.

Assure your fiber intake

It is surely on them that intestinal harmony rests:

the insoluble fiber raising the volume of the bolus and operating a mechanical action on the transit;

soluble fibers are having the role of both transit regulator and prebiotic. That is to say, they correctly nourish the good bacteria in our intestine and thus improve their multiplication.

Why rebuild your intestinal flora?

For better digestion

The first role of the intestinal flora is digestive. It aids in intestinal transit’s proper functioning by promoting the assimilation of nutrients and digestion of dietary fibers, mainly fruits, and vegetables. An unbalanced abdominal flora can be at the origin of digestive disorders, such as bloating, diarrhea, stomach aches. Malegra 200 and vidalista 40 are also great treatments for ED problems. These symbols of flora in bad condition will disappear as soon as the intestinal microbiota is reconstituted.

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The intestinal flora performs a protective role

The intestine includes about 80% of our immune system, which corresponds to all of the body’s defense mechanisms. The intestinal flora is a complex system that will provide the good microbes to teach our defenses to fight toward the bad ones.

It thus supports strengthening the immune defense system by playing a barrier role, which stops pathogenic bacteria from taking hold. An unstable intestinal microbiota, especially in the mucous membrane, can cause increased intestine permeability, like a natural sieve!

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