Indian Govt Can Impose a Ban On Sites That Have Pirated Copies of Movies

There are a lot of websites worldwide that provide you an option to download the pirated copies of movies in high quality. You can find Hollywood and Bollywood movies online easily on such sites.

But, do you know that it is illegal to download movies from such sites and you can be sentenced for that too? Yes, it is true, and not only that, you can be imposed a heavy fine and can be jailed if you download the pirated content on your device. Indian Gov. can impose a ban on such sites as well that provide pirated copies of movies.

Many big sites are banned in the USA as well that host the torrent files without any authorization from the owners. One example is the Isohunt torrents that were the biggest torrent website. Due to the copyright infringements, they lost their case in the court, and on the order of the court, they had to shut down their website.

In the USA and many other countries, it is a crime to download the pirated movies. Though if you watch online streaming from any website is not a crime doesn’t matter if it is pirated or not. But if you download that content and make a copy for yourself, then it is illegal according to law and it is a crime.

India has no exception and according to the law of 1957 of the Indian Copyright Act, film piracy is a serious offense and is an act of crime. But still, there are many websites that are being operated within and outside of India.

They host the pirated content, let it be the movies, the music, pirated software, or anything else. The licensed content is hosted on those sites and available without any authorization. Softwares are available with cracks that are considered just like you have stolen property of a person.

If you are interested to know such sites then movierulz is an example. Admins and moderators of the sites are from outside of India but they have workers in India as well. Remember, it is illegal to download movies from movierulz or other such websites in India and outside of India.

If you download movies from such sites, the law and enforcement agencies can take an action against you according to the law. And it is anticipated that the Indian government will soon impose a ban on many torrent-like websites as they have hosted the Indian movies without authorization.

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