Is Wi-Fi and Internet Service the Same Thing

This is common ground for many individuals out there. The general confusion about what is what or in other words is Wi-Fi and internet service the same thing. The confusion can simply start to take off when a consumer confuses the functionality of the two distinct aspects. Albeit both of the aspects involve a transfer of data from one entity to another. If you are looking for a single specific answer, then hold on because we have it written down for you.

One thing that we would like to add to the entire internet service and Wi-Fi debate is that these entities are all dependent upon the performance and structural level of your internet service provider. Just ordering for an internet service provider to come in and install an internet connection was a thing of the past. Now, consumers want more, they want to feel respected and wanted all along with getting the best service possible. All of this comes true when you have a top-of-the-line customer service department. If we were to state the importance of this department in the modern age, we would be rather lost and go completely off the point but if you want to know what exactly does having great customer service give in return to the business, then just go ahead and have a look at Spectrum Customer Service and you will surely see it for yourself.


What Is a Wi-Fi?

In basic essence, Wi-Fi is the terminology used to describe a device that transmits data from within the household from the router that is placed in your living room, wirelessly, to any of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Keep in mind that having a Wi-Fi device is simply not enough, we need to have an internet connection established beforehand so that there could be a signal that works i.e. connects a single or more user from the same household, sharing the same Wi-Fi network to the internet broadband service.

Just reiterating our statement above, simply having a Wi-Fi device is not enough, what everyone needs is an internet connection from an internet service provider that is connected to the Wi-Fi device so that a wireless connection could be established.


Is Wi-Fi and Internet Service the Absolute Same Thing?

The main issue that brings attention to this dilemma or line of question is that people, consumers, or customers often confuse the two concepts with each other simply because Wi-Fi is the entity that people connect to so that they get access to the internet or the world wide web. So you see how it can be so trivial but you need to know right from wrong.

A Wi-Fi router or device is destined to give access to the internet to the customer, consumer, or user through its connection to the internet service provider.


What Is Wireless or Fixed Point Internet?

The main gist of what exactly is a wireless or fixed point internet is that the internet service is transmitted through a radio signal which is brought forward through a somewhat specific sensor. Not a similar feature to the cable internet type of connection, which is delivered wirelessly which means that it automatically becomes one of the best options to have for those who are situated or live in rural areas of the country. Once you make or establish a connection to a fixed point internet you will see that they work in the same manner as any other internet service provider out there.

A fixed point internet is quite readily available anywhere you look or desire an internet connection. If you happen to be traveling and find yourself stuck in a rural area, dreading for some internet connectivity for you to go check your location on Google Maps, then very well get with the idea that a fixed point internet is the only viable solution that you would see to be working for you.


How Would They Compare to Satellites?

The main difference between the two types of internet connections is that a wireless internet service uses signals or transmits signals on the ground i.e. from one tower to another tower instead of having signals go back and forth between the satellite and the main device that is situated in your living room. The signals would initially start from the satellite itself and would then bounce off from a signal collector device on the ground and then back to the satellite and so forth signals are transmitted.

On the other side of that coin, we have a fixed internet service which is an all-around fast internet-based system of transmitting data from one place to another. If you do need to get one major difference between the two, then well it all has to do with the reliability of the internet speed, connection, and overall day-to-day performance.

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