Key Opinion Leaders Have An Unshakable Consumer Following According To NetBaseQuid

The Internet turned the U.S. retail business into one big marketplace. Companies in all sectors of the economy have a presence online. And companies in other parts of the world have an online presence. But just having a website is not enough to get noticed by the global online audience. Big, medium and small size companies need help promoting products and services online. That’s why key opinion leaders are the people companies look for when they need marketing help. 

Key Opinion Leaders Don’t Work For The Companies They Recommend 

The definition of an opinion leader varies depending on the product and service they promote. Opinion leaders talk, text, and use other ways to attract consumers to a particular service or product. Some opinion leaders just blog about a product or service. Other opinion leaders do commercials and tweet about a product that changed their life in some way. Consumers trust these product promoters because they have a proven track record for telling people the truth. 

Key Opinion leaders have credibility in a specific sector of the economy even though they may not work in that sector. Opinion leaders are usually sports or movie celebrities who believe in the products and services they use to enhance the quality of their lives. They share that information in a way that attracts consumers. 

When key leaders push a product or service to thousands and sometimes millions of followers, they do it as a form of marketing. An online marketing plan that does not include help from an opinion leader with thousands of followers. Opinion leaders have enough clout with consumers to influence buying habits in several sectors of the economy. Brands need word-of-mouth advertising. Companies like Coca-Cola find their opinion leaders from the AI social media analytics program NetBaseQuid designed. 

Key Opinion Leaders Are Not The Same As Influencers 

Influencers like Joanna Gaines, the Kardashians, Selena Gomez influence people using word-of-mouth marketing. They use their status as celebrities to attract consumers to a product or service. Some opinion leaders like Aimee Song blog to get the word out about a new product. Aimee has tons of followers. 

People listen to those influencers because they want to be just like them. And because friends and associates listen to their comments and recommendations. Social media influencers come up with innovative ways to promote products and services. Even though the Internet helped produce new marketing tools, word-of-mouth advertising by a key opinion leader is one of the most effective ways to increase product awareness and revenue. 

Social media influencers use visual and vocal expressions to push products in the fitness, beauty, health, and travel sectors of the economy. According to the social media analytics firm NetBaseQuid, online influencers have thousands of followers. 

A Nano influencer may have 10,000 followers. And a Micro-Influencer has at least 10,000 followers. But a Micro may also have 50,000 followers. Macro influencers have at least 500,000 followers. And Mid-tier influencers have no more than one million followers. But Mega influencers have more than a million followers. 

Opinion Leaders Are The Backbone Of A Solid Marketing Plan 

Doing business online requires research and tenacity. Finding the right audience for a brand or specific products and services can be a tedious job. Companies need the right social media analytics tools in order to build a solid marketing plan. 

There are differences in the social analytics tools used to market products. But the emerging trend in social media analytics is Artificial Intelligence. NetBaseQuid’s (NBQ) AI platform helps American and United Airlines find opinion leaders that can expand their market base. Opinion leader technology continues to expand at an incredible rate. And retail and wholesale markets will grow with that technology, according to NBQ executives.

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