Long Island socialite may face indictment for aiding accused serial rapist-son.

First there was Katherine Gibbs, a pretty girl from modest means attending Nassau Community College who had dreams of working as a model. She sued bizzaro talent agent Jonathan Baram and three of his buddies in the 90’s, claiming they lured her to a Manhattan apartment for a photo shoot where she was offered a drink and promised she would be a star. She said she was raped. Her lawyer told the judge she had “moved to an Asian country” and confided that she had been paid off by Baram’s family through an intermediary.

Later Damon Baram, Jonathan’s brother, would confess that he was was one of the attackers to an FBI informant, an element of the crime hidden from law enforcement who still keep the controlled phone calls of The Baram Brothers at One Police Plaza, Manhattan.

Then there was Chessika Cartwright, a star-struck woman with dreams of the silver screen who flew to New York to audition for a movie role Jonathan claimed he was casting actresses for. When she arrived in the big city he attempted to get her to go to “his beach house” in Long Island. Chessika protested, and Baram gave her the slip, leaving her stranded in the city.

Then came Margarita Dominguez, a girl who stood naked in Times Square painted in advertisements. She claimed Jonathan brought her to his “mother’s beach house” where he gave her a glass of water and she woke up with him raping her.

Margarita also told how Jonathan threatened her with his automatic rifles if she “went against him” in her statement to police. Long Island police visited the mother’s house and took inventory of the guns Baram kept there, just about a mile shy of the B runway at Kennedy airport.

Now there is Jane Doe. The pseudonymous plaintiff who won a civil lawsuit against Jonathan’s company, Warren and Baram Management, registered at his the beach house, stating he facilitated a meeting with sexual predator Peter Nygard so Nygard could rape her, and claims Jonathan’s then took sloppy seconds. Nygard’s private plane to his own version of a Jeffrey Epstein rape island lists Jonathan as a passenger on the jet.

And there are others, those who had their dreams shattered and their lives turned inside out by the greatest of violations. They too will have their stories heard.

Lawsuits and criminal cases by and about the models Jonathan forced himself on reveal he did his dirty acts in similar fashion: Promises of stardom, a substance in water, a condom, and threats of retaliation, all from his mother’s Atlantic Beach, New York home and other properties she owns. And every time mommy comes to the rescue.

Until now.

Dorothy Baram, the mother of the gun-toting fashion world fanatic Jonathan Baram and triplet siblings Heather and Damon, may soon be facing a Federal indictment as part of the sex trafficking crimes her son is accused of, says a source close to prosecutors in New York’s Eastern District Court, the venue where Dorothy is accused of aiding her son as he continued for over 30 years period to lure unsuspecting women into her basement where they allege he drugged and raped them, and then “showed them his guns”, all the while evading justice.

Dorothy’s woes stem from a sworn affidavit she signed on the behalf of Jonathan in a Federal civil lawsuit he was named a defendant in. The perjurous affidavit (under oath) claimed Jonathan had not been around her house of horrors for years, and that she knew nothing of his company being registered there, despite the sexual fiend accepting service of process days earlier at the location and evidence that shows Dorothy regularly cashed checks for the wayward wannabe actor’s company, Warren and Baram Management being as he son did not qualify for a bank account.

Now “mommy deadliest” has put herself into the lastest legal battle Jonathan is facing, making claims that the Jane Doe plaintiff suing her 50 year old son for rape has caused her mental collapse. Of course Jonathan is using this as part of his defense, begging a Federal Judge to make him a John Doe defendant so as not to upset his mother.

“Dorothy Baram has always known what Jonathan has done.” Said a lawyer close to the matter. “She is a master strategist at getting these cases tossed, but she has exceeded her limit. She is repeating material. It amounts to witness intimidation. Dorothy Baram aided and hid Jonathan Baram in her basement, all the while paying off his accusers, perjuring herself to the courts, helping him threaten witnesses, allowing him to keep his guns on her property, paying for his rehab, cashing his checks and funding his criminal behavior using her phone, fax and computer at 2140 Pacific Boulevard, Atlantic Beach. The idea that she is elderly is defective. She did this for 30 years. She still supports these boys. She makes her own approaches to these women, all to protect this dangerous nutcase. Now is the question, where is Justice for the victims?”

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