Masonic Ring Etiquette

How you wear the Masonic ring goes a long way toward influencing how people look at you, as wearing the right ring on different fingers has different meanings. To help you out, here is what wearing the Masonic ring on different fingers means:

The pinky finger

Wearing your ring on this finger can have different meanings, such as having high intuition and the ability to have above average level of communication. Most people wearing their rings on this finger often have a high speed of thinking, often strategic.

Being located on the furthest part of the body, the pinky finger is often ego-focused, and the brother wearing the ring here often is a strong negotiator.

The ring finger

Most people wear their wedding bands on this finger, as the finger is associated with the love of beauty. A brother wearing the ring on this finger is often creative and extremely strong in building relationships and maintaining a bond with other brothers.

Symbolically, the ring finger is associated with the earth’s moon, which is a reflection of the sun’s light.

While the ring finger is associated with being married, it’s not uncommon to find 14th-degree brothers wearing their Scottish Rite Fraternity rings on this finger as a way to show the world that they are forever connected.

The middle finger

The middle finger has a negative meaning in most parts of the world, so many people often don’t wear their Masonic rings on this finger. If you are ready to ignore the stereotypes associated with this finger, there is no reason not to wear your ring here.

Ironically, wearing the ring on the middle finger shows that you are responsible and do plenty of self-analysis. When showing the ring to people while wearing it on the middle finger, be cautious about how you go about it to make a good impression.

The pointer finger

The pointer finger is a symbol of leadership and authority, and wearing the ring on your pointer finger, especially on the active hand, is a sign of high self-esteem, confidence, and exemplary leadership abilities.

The thumb

Wearing the ring on your thumb shows self-assertion towards all brothers and the community members in your life. Wearing the ring on the thumb has recently become a trend, and you will find many people wearing the ring even when they aren’t looking to make a message.

Point the ring in the right direction

Regardless of the finger you wear your ring, you need to ensure it’s pointing in the right direction. Historically, your  signet ring should face outward, showing to others as a way to denote your “seal of Authenticity.”

This means that the two legs of the compasses should face away from you.

Buy the right ring and protect it.

To get the most from your ring, you should buy the right one and take good care of it. This calls for you to buy the ring from a reputable store with a proven track record of selling nothing but top-notch rings.

You can buy your ring from a physical or online store. Of course, to get access to top-quality rings and plenty of ring styles to choose from, buy the rings from an online store.

Buying the right ring isn’t enough—you have to take good care of your ring. As a rule of thumb, store the ring safely in a place where it’s free of dust and other debris. An ideal area is a dry place with as little moisture as possible.

As much as you love your ring, remove it when engaging in house chores and other tasks that might destroy the ring.

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