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Mediterranean cuisines include various varieties of Italian, Coastal French, and other Spanish cuisine. The regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea also boast a vast array of ingredients used in many regional variations. Two ingredients common to most regional Mediterranean cuisine are olive oil and garlic. Many countries have said that the Mediterranean climate is conducive to growing both olives and garlic and people always use foods commonly grown where they live. Fish and seafood dishes have become common, although overfishing in the region necessitates importing stocks.

A very good example of Mediterranean Cuisine (مطبخ البحر الأبيض المتوسط) can be Croatia. The one small country has what is known to be the cuisine of regions, specifically between the coast and more island areas. Dating back to ancient times, Croatia reflects the multiple cultures that rule it at one time or another. For instance, Croatian mainland cuisine represents more characteristics of Slavic History that are overlaid with waves of Viennese, Hungarian, and Turkish Influences. The cuisine resembles Greek and Roman traditions along with modern-day Italian and French cooking. Croatian meals involve delicacies like lamb garnished with oregano, mint, basil, and other herbs, grilled veal steaks stuffed with harm and cheese, and game including venison, pheasant, wild duck, and goose.

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These are the recipes for the types of Braten and wurst, blood sausages. And, even a Christmas dish through Zagreb named Turkey stuffed with chestnuts, apples, lemons, and becon. The menu changes drastically from time to time. Squid, octopus, and cuttlefish are popular in soups, stews, and salads along with a rich Italian rice dish called risotto. Catfish or carp turn to be breaded and fried or grilled, while a popular shellfish delicacy. Buzara is sautéed in garlic, olive oil, parsley, and white wine. Greek Cuisine is known to be a distinctive form of cooking even though it shares multiple characteristics with Italy. The Balkans, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

Contemporary Greek Cooking aims to use the Mediterranean Cuisine staples of olive oil and olives broadly. Along with bread and other grain foods, vegetables, herbs, cheese, wine, fish and poultry, pork, and rabbit. Nuts and honey turn out to be the main ingredients of multiple Greek desserts, specifically the classic baklava. To the west, the cuisine of the nation bears the legacies of the past rulers, involving Spanish, Moorish, Italian, British and Sicilian Influences. Maltene Cuisine is based upon fresh seasonal locally available produce and seafood. Winter or else summer, the beginning of multiple Maltese meals is soup, a lighter broth-based concoction in the warmer months, and a hearty vegetable soup that is “minestra” when the weather turns cold.

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Traditionally, Minestra combines multiple fresh vegetables with one or more pulses like beans, chickpeas, and split peas. When it gets accompanied by the slices of the crusty Maltese bread named “Hobza”, Minestra makes up a complete meal.  The vast cultural and socio-economic range of the region is what brings great variety to the cuisine. A lot of people may think that Mediterranean Cuisine is a traditional, somewhat ancient collection of sumptuous feasts. However, the culinary trend turns to the blend of multiple traditional and modern culinary practices. With the Mediterranean diet now popular because of its wealth of health benefits, ease of preparation, simple ingredients, and amazing flavors, knowing a few Mediterranean Cuisine Favourites turn out to be a good idea.

There is little argument regarding the culinary virtues of hummus. The simple little dish turns out to be a staple within the Mediterranean diet. Hummus is chickpea and that is exactly what is made of. Within traditional cooking, the recipe is simple- cooked and mashed chickpeas (garbanzo beans), sesame tahini (sesame paste), garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. Hummus may get infused with different flavors so as to add richness like roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomato, or else artichoke. Hummus is traditionally served like an appetizer with hot, fresh pita bread, chips, or veggies and is an amazing spread for pita bread sandwiches to hold your favorite. The possibilities turn out to be endless including lamb, pork, beef, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and sprouts. Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم فلبيني في أبو ظبي) aims to serve you super-delicious dishes.

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