Not His Budd

Joe Budd filled GOP committee with felons and frauds to Trump’s detriment. 

Blue Collar GOP members cite corruption. 

“All they want is a quick buck.”

First there was Tom Vaughn, a disbarred lawyer from New Jersey who found his way to Florida and began to represent Republican hopefuls as a financial advisor for Voya Investments; Vaughn was convicted of fraud. 

Then there was Benjamin Bennett, a former cop stripped of his badge when he was found guilty of selling narcotics to minors; He registered to run for Sheriff in Broward County. 

Then came Laura Loomer, a 20ish Hillary Clinton fanatic who ran on the Republican ticket for U.S. House in Palm Beach, photographed next to her boyfriend in a pool of blood celebrating the murder of police officers; Loomer claimed she would restore law and order. 

There is also LaTeresa Jones, extradited from Texas on identity theft charges, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, two convicted felons, the Federal Court debacle with Ted Yoho, Chinese Spy wannabe Cindy Yang, Maria Salazar and her ties to Fidel Castro, SMA data owner Steve Alembik’s domestic assault charges, FARA Act violations by Ramfis Trujillo, judgements against Nick Vessio and Javier Manjarres, Brian Mast using taxpayer money as his own personal slush fund, mortgage and health insurance scams, illegal lobbying, strippers, massage parlors, bigamy, convicted terrorists as guests at AmpFest and more… this is the face of The South Florida Republican Party.

This is Joe Budd’s crew. 

Now Budd has crossed paths with wrestling promoter turned Statesman Benjamin Irish, who is divorcing his wife Laurel Bennett on the grounds that she used over 20 different names and faked cancer claims to raid his insurance fund. 

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Surprisingly Budd has been sparring with Irish in a series of emails and texts, ranting on about his authority and electability, and angry at Irish for exposing the fraud within his party.

“This group are the RINOS that screwed Trump with Michael Flynn into tweeting the ridiculous story that Osama Bin Laden is still alive. Now Budd is seeking Trump and DeSantis endorse him and he has the time to bitch and moan to me about Laurel Bennett and make threats.” Said Irish. “I should expose him. The people of Florida deserve better and Joe Budd is unfit and unqualified, and has only caused detriment to Floridians. This is all about money. He could care less about what is good for the people. I wish he would stop crying like a little girl, he is giving me a headache.”

“These are the people who cost Trump his second term. Now they want to sell the idea that they will bring law and order to South Florida? With what? A child drug pusher like Benjamin Bennett as sheriff? Budd can put whoever he wants in between him and people like Laura Loomer, Sue Snowden, Michael Barnett. He can even scream immunity but it won’t work. The cat’s out of the bag now. There is no place to run, no place to hide.”

Big 3 has learned that Governor DeSantis on Friday had an hour long phone call with former President Trump about what he calls “the crisis of corruption” in South Florida. Advisors to DeSantis are concerned that criminal activity surrounding South Florida Republicans could cost him a Presidential bid in 2024.

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“This is a very public, multi-state investigation.” Said a source close to DeSantis who does not want to be named. “The Governor is worried, he is concerned that these people have been washing money, and that the dirty money may have been used to fund his campaign.”

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