Order custom jewelry from online to make your own personal style statement

Sporting the latest designer clothing and personalized jewellery is high fashion and used to make a big impression on the people around you. Since ancient times jewellery has been an important decorative element for women, deities, and special occasions. Jewelry pieces have hugely gained popularity when designer houses started to make exclusive jewellery stamped with their logo. Wearing those jewellery items has become fashion and socially active individuals have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and donning them to grab attention. Since then many personalized jewellery store have cropped up. There is a huge buzz about custom jewelry on the internet and you will find a dazzling variety of jewelry pieces being displayed by the fashion websites. 

What is personalized jewelry?

Personalized or customized jewelry is a new breed of jewelry items that are exclusive and one-off creation. The jewelry is crafted exclusively for particular individuals and ordered to be made according to specifications provided by the customer. The choice of gem stones, and metal are purely the choice of the customer and the jewel maker will craft the jewelry pieces according to customer whims and specifications. This would also mean that no other customer wears the same jewelry.

This is elite stuff though affordable for medium and upper middle class to afford. There is no fixed price value for these ornaments because the cost of making custom jewelry will go up or down according to the grade and quality of the base metal, gem stones, and other specific elements.  Custom jewelry also enables you to use gemstone from old jewelry. This will save money while getting exclusive jewelry at affordable prices.

What is mass produced jewelry?

This kind of jewelry is made at a assembly line in a factory and is popularly sold at both conventional and online stores. The difference between personalized jewelry and mass produced jewelry is the making of the jewelry pieces. Custom jewellery is handmade and crafted with metal and stones integrated in great detail. The mass jewellery is made by keeping a popular jewelry design in mind and making copy of the original in large volume. When a particular custom jewelry becomes famous. The mass production starts making copies of that jewelry and sells them to popular choice. This kind of jewelry can be bought from any departmental store, jewellery store etc. however this jewelry is not made keep in mind with the customer specifications thus lose their value in terms of exclusiveness and detail.

On the other hand the personalized or customized jewelry is made with individual taste and specification. You can consider it as an exclusive designed conjured up by the customer. Or made according to the advice provided by the jewelry maker. Custom jewelry has more space for inlaying gem stones in to metal like gold, silver and platinum. Another advantage with custom jewelry is that you can use old gold salvaged from old jewelry. In the custom ornaments you can also inscribe your name or initials to make it exclusive.

Buy them online to get designer clothing

Buying clothing online is a fashion thanks to the advantage provided by science and internet. Nowadays nobody has the time to hunt basic cloths for dress. And the various accessories required to complete the dress by a tailor. It is too much of a bother and waste of time, money and energy. You can check the latest dresses, evening gowns, suits, and accessories from online and buy them. This will be an informed purchase and you won’t have any qualm with the store. Because you have already checked the piece on the catalogue page of the websites.  Online clothing enables you to view the whole world of fashion and check attire that suits your personality, professional and lifestyle.  

Advantage of buying online clothing 

You have the advantage of online discounts and offers that will make your purchase light on the valet.  The online shopping also allows you to see, check and compare quality and price with other online stores. This is not possible with conventional stores and the exercise will cost you whole day. Or days and face the ignominy of dealing with irate store assistants and supervisors. The online clothes shopping UAE is best done at Eastern Rivaj, UAE and you can contact them on phone number + 9714 2683301 or send mail to info@easternrivaj.com.

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