Picking the right wedding gold ring for both men and women

There are several considerations to be made while contemplating marriage. The location of the wedding, the number of guests, the time of day, the best venue, and a host of other questions must be answered before the big day. Because your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you and your spouse will cherish, you want everything to be flawless—for example, choosing the right wedding jewellery like a ring. But picking up two pieces from a wide range of gold rings for men and gold rings for women might be challenging for many people. So, we’ve put up step-by-step instructions to make things easier for you.

1. Begin your search early.

Start looking for a reputable jewellery designer as soon as you know you’re engaged. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re searching for, this may give you many ideas and show you what your alternatives are.You should allow yourself at least a few weeks to make a final selection once you’ve been presented with a few various kinds of wedding gold rings for men and women.

2. Establish a spending limit

Financial planning for wedding rings is essential. You can’t spend all your money on a swanky finger adornment and make compromises in your celebration. Remember that some models are costly due to their design intricacy and metal purity. Not just that. Adding diamonds to gold rings for women or men can significantly affect the final price. Setting a budget will be a breeze after you’ve spoken to an expert in the field of jewellery design.


3. Select the metal colour and purity

Brides should always select wedding gold rings for women of the same metal colour as their groom’s band to avoid an unflattering contrast. There are various metal colours to choose from for your wedding bands, ranging from traditional yellow gold to white and rose gold. They all differ in their qualities, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing. At first glance, platinum and white gold seem very similar. However, the metals are far from the same and wear very differently over time. Yellow gold is the most durable conventional metal, and its value is also the most exorbitant. 

Gold rings for men are always bigger in size and highly robust, making them ideal for an active lifestyle. Even for women, these days, the rules are almost the same. Consider a more durable material if your profession demands you to be more physically active. In the case of gold, whether yellow, rose, or white, a 9kt, a 14kt, or 18kt, they are more suited for everyday use. However, 22kt gold might be too brittle to withstand regular wear and tear, it’s best to avoid it.

4. Choose a design that complements the engagement ring style.

If you are wearing your wedding and engagement rings together, don’t go overboard with the size of the former, as the latter is typically the one you want people to notice. Your wedding-special ornament must enhance the beauty of your engagement piece instead of competing with it.

Make sure your wedding band metal matches your engagement ring in colour and karat weight. It’s also worth mentioning that the ring’s design makes a similar argument. The rings need not be identical, but they should share a common aspect, such as a diamond cut or the colour of the gemstone, or an engraving.


5. Always be aware of the pitfalls of studded rings.

A studded band, which has stones or diamonds along the length of the ring, is beautiful, but bear in mind that these rings are tough to adjust. If you gain or lose weight, your ring will most likely need to be altered in size. So, think in advance!

6. Be realistic and long-term oriented.

Because you’ll be donning these rings for the rest of your life, it’s important to think practically. There is no right or wrong since you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable; nevertheless, it is advised that you wear a style that you have enjoyed for a long time rather than one that you have only liked for a couple of months.

Working with skilled jewellery designers can be beneficial in this regard. They will give you a clear concept of the style of wedding gold rings for men and women even before the jewellery pieces are made. Such a step allows you to spend time deciding whether a design is perfect for you.

7. Make sure you get the proper size.

Most of us do not realise that our finger size changes so much in a single. After a good night’s sleep, your finger swells up due to the salt absorbed overnight. The fingers swell regardless in extreme cold, heat, during the menstrual cycle or after a workout. So it is recommended to go for an in-person fitting with an experienced jeweller to ensure you have the correct size for your wedding ring.

Final words:

The wedding may be a one-day affair, but you will wear your wedding ring every day after that. People run into many frequent problems while looking for an engagement ring, and we hope our guide will help alleviate some of those problems.

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