Relation Of Temperature And Air Pressure In Tyres

Air pressure is a vital factor if we talk about the performance of your tyres. You have to read your user guide to have proper information about the perfect level of air pressure in your tyres. If you ignore the level of air pressure, you will witness a lot of negative results in the future.

You have to check the air pressure in your tyres London at regular intervals because the air pressure may decrease or increase due to several factors.

Temperature is one of these factors:

In this blog, we will talk about the relationship between temperature and air pressure.

During hotter weather conditions, air pressure jumps and it drops due to cold conditions. Proper air pressure in your tyres is necessary since it supports the weight of your vehicle. Moreover, your tyres would run on the road surface with a perfect contact area if the level of air pressure fluctuates regularly.

Factors that affect the tyre inflation level

First of all, the temperature outside of the tyre will affect the level of air pressure. Moreover, the temperature of the tyre will also increase or decrease the inflation level. Exposure to the sun is also a prime factor that influences wind pressure.

Air pressure and hot weather

As mentioned above, air pressure will increase in hot weather. Due to the temperature of tyres and the temperature outside, the air inside the tyre will become hot as well. As a result, the molecules of air will move at a faster rate. Due to this movement of molecules, wind will expand to increase the air pressure in your tyres.

Due to overheating, tyres blow out often in the summer season. If you want to save your tyres from overheating, park your car in a sheltered area and take frequent breaks to let your tyres lose some heat.

A sheltered area is important since sun exposure increases the chance of overheating your tyres.

Air pressure and cold weather

During the winter season, air will contract since the molecules of air will move slowly due to cold conditions. Thus, you need to check the wind pressure at regular intervals in the cold months as well.

Change in tyre pressure due to speed

Tyres have to face resistance while they run on the road surface. This resistance creates heat. The level of increased heat may increase the air pressure in your tyres as well. Heat disturbs you only in dry conditions. Wet roads will eliminate the effects of heat that are supposed to generate due to speedy driving. Cloudy weather will also decrease the damage caused by increased temperature since sun exposure is also a factor to increase the level of heat in tyres.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems

Nowadays, vehicles come with tyre pressure monitoring systems that warn you when your tyres do not have sufficient wind.

Even if you have a tyre monitoring system in cold weather, you have to check the wind pressure manually to save your tyres from bad effects.

How to save your tyres from the bad effects of temperature?

During the summer season, you have to save your tyres from overheating. Hot tyres will burst suddenly due to incorrect wind pressure. Moreover, the rubber material of summer tyres will face wear and tear due to hot weather as well.

To save your tyres from these bad effects, you have to consider the factors like weather, the temperature of the hot surface, your speed, and the type of tyres. It is better if you buy summer tyres for your vehicle since these tyres are very effective against summer conditions. These tyres have a suitable rubber material and tread pattern. Therefore, they maintain proper hardness and flexibility on hot roads.

In cold weather, it is possible that your tyres become very hard due to low temperature. In these conditions, they would not be able to maintain a proper grip on roads.

Therefore, it is better you slow down your speed and drive according to the road and weather conditions. Moreover, using winter Tyres Borehamwood is also a good idea to cope with severe weather conditions. Winter tyres have a tread pattern that is suitable for wintery conditions. Moreover, these tyres come with suitable rubber material that does not become hard in freezing temperatures.

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