Rules of Survival Game Full Review

Undoubtedly, you will be forced to play against other opponents to scramble for any kind of weapons after you jump out of the plane and land on the spot you want. You must do that because you will not imagine of whom you will face. Indeed, you should equip yourself to achieve better results as well as you can defend your life and attack other players effectively. The first gear, that you are advised to pick up, includes a backpack and a helmet.

The backpack will help you make the storage space become larger. Aside from that, it means that you can add much more ammunition and anything you collect in the path, for example, medical kits and essential tools. So, we can say that you will get serious troubles or even you can take damage sooner once you roam around the new environment without any backpack. The helmet is used to protect your head, the most important part, and block all of the bullets from hitting it. Indeed, headshots can be considered as a formidable weapon if they are launched accurately. Make sure you always have one protective hat. If you get two objects that we have already mentioned, you do not forget to own a shotgun or a submachine gun or any type of rifle which has an optic. They will allow you to hunt down the target at close distances or farther.

So far, scopes, that you have the time to check in the Rules of Survival game, are incredibly strong because you can take out other people from so far away while they cannot detect or see your hiding place. Besides, the drawback will relate to the location you are trying to switch to the most comfortable gun since the scoped rifle will not be effective for close-quarters fights happening inside of a building or something like that.

Rules of Survival Game

About the Psychology “Door Meta” and leaving Loot Behind

If you accept to appear inside a house on the map before you loot, you should open doors, stand a still, and carefully observe everything around you if you’d like to move forward. At the beginning, you cannot think too much of that. However, you will be rapidly aware that you are putting down footprints clearly behind of where you have already been and what you have just looted.

But, what you have read does not stop that. If you expect to accomplish your task well in battle royale games, you have to understand the psychology of everybody, master it and you can control what is about to occur because these rivals can pass across a house having many doors closed and a few assault rifle ammo placed in the center of the room. Unfortunately, some of them do not feel anxiety and suppose that there is nobody around them or lurking in somewhere. Then, they get close and fall into your trap. You can wait for that prey by sitting in a bathroom. After that, you can point your gun towards the target and fire. People often let their guards when they assume that the building has not been looted.

10 Tips To Make Small Moves Easy

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Be Patient!

For any reason, it seems like new participants who join in any battle royale game will treat the mode similar to it is any other fast-paced Deathmatch game.

For the Rules of Survival game, you can climb up to the spot in the top 25 by doing nothing except crouching down and waiting for a while. You can gradually boot when you are in the first circle and avoid conflicts.

Gather gear and ammunition, increase your health, and keep track of those who are killing each other. What you have obtained are often effortless pickings when you are low on energy and get careless from being over-confident from collecting some kills. Camping or sitting in an area while holding up can be an interesting method to win. Why don’t you search for a safe position and enjoy it?

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