Some Useful Tips for Better Beach Walking

If you ask me what do I like most in my free time, then my answer would be walking on the beach. Believe me, it is such a great pleasure and has a lot of benefits. It helps in relaxing your mind from the daily hectic routine and it also helps you in making you physically and mentally strong.

Walking on the beach is not a simple walk, it helps you burn more calories as well as you get more resistance from the sand on the beach. It helps you in improving the strength and endurance as well. With all these physical benefits, the feel of the ocean breeze, beautiful views, and bright sunshine is so relaxing.

The famous American actress Kenya Moore also loves the beach walk and she recently added her beach picture on her Instagram with her beautiful daughter.

Here are some tips that can make your beach walk even much better.

Start Slow

It is important to start slow while walking on the beach. The reason is very simple; your feet will sink in the loose sand while walking, and it would require you to put extra effort to lift your foot again for each step.

If you want to maintain the same pace that you usually do on the hard surface, then you will tire quickly and you will not be able to continue your beach walk for a long time.

Moderate Practice

You can walk daily when you’re walking routine is a regular track. But on the beach, it is good to start with a moderate 2 or 3 days a week. Your body and muscles require some time to get familiar with this different type of walk on the sand.

When you feel that now you are comfortable and you are not feeling tired after a walk, then you can add 1 extra day to your routine.

Wear Shoes for Regular Beach Walk

Bear feet came into mind when we hear the beach walk. But that is only for the casual walk on the beach with your partner or family members to enjoy some free time.

When you are walking on the beach to get the physical benefits as well, then this is a long walk and walking on the sand beer footed for a long time is not a good idea. So, it is always advised to wear shoes for your beach walk.

Walk near the Water

As we said earlier that walking on the loose sand is somehow difficult, so it is a good idea to walk for some time near the water as well. The sand is packed near water and you will get some time to recover your strength.

You can divide your walk between different intervals near the water and on the loosen sand as well.

With all these tips, you should have some fitness apps as well on your phone. Check some of these best free fitness apps for iPhone. You can find the same apps for Android as well.

Look for the Slope

Most of the beaches have a slope that means you need to put extra effort when you are coming back. It will require more energy and effort and there are chances that your muscles can be pulled.

To avoid injury, you should try to avoid the slope as well, or at least you should know that you are walking on the slope.

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